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Whirlwind Berlin

It's amazing, and tiring, how much you can fit into one day!

With so many schedules to work around, we were forced to stay over a weekend in Germany on our last business trip. We decided to use that time to go to Berlin and see the sights. We got there late on Friday night so saw little more than a restaurant for dinner but we were good to go on Saturday to explore the city.

We knew we wanted to do a bus tour but were were complete rubes when it came to finding where the tour started. As we stood around outside our hotel trying to get the map apps on our phone to give us some direction, this woman came up and said, "Did you want to do a tour?" Turns out, the spot we were in was one of the tour bus pickup/drop off sites.

It was the Yellow bus, not the Red that I was looking for but we decided, "What the hell? Let's do it!" and got on. Lesson learned. The Red bus company is much better than the Yellow. We did the Red in Frankfurt and they filled you in on a g…

Crafty Fun

My Poker Chick group doesn't just play poker. We also like to dine out, go to plays and concerts and sometimes try something new. The new activity this time was taking a Glass Fusing class.

Our own little SITC Charlotte (Angela) found an Amazon deal for a group class here in the Valley for that worked out to $25 a person. Or, $20, I'm still a little confused after the mass money exchange but it was well worth either amount.

The class was held at The East Valley Art House which is literally a house so we all drove by it before finding it. I, because I'm an idiot, actually put 5434 in as the address instead of the actual 2434 so I really went out of my way. Even with a Nav system in my bitchen' car, I manage to get lost. Sigh.

We had the option of taking Stained Glass instead but, thankfully, Ang made the executive decision to do fused as that was only a 4 hour commitment and the other was spread out over several days that I don't have.

It did take 4 hours, too, with…