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Sugar and Fat and Wine - Could Brunch Get Any Better?

It's tough to get all of the Chick Poker gang together for an evening so we fill in with brunch dates. Sometimes, we go out, other times someone hosts at their house.

Stacey was a host this month and, inspired by National Doughnut Day (which has a very interesting history), declared that everyone had to bring three of their favorite doughnuts then we would sample and judge. The judging comes naturally to this group. We have one super baker in our midst so she was commanded to make duffins (that's a combo of doughnut and muffin for those not in the know).

To balance out the doughnuts, we were encouraged to bring fruits or veggies.

There was also some wine drinking though the majority had iced tea. I'm not sure why those people are still my friends.

There were only five of us...
I'm not a big doughnut fan and I didn't want to go way out of my way to get Rainbow Donuts (our work favorites) so I went to Krispy Kreme which was conveniently located next to Safeway where …

My New Retirement Savings Plan

I've discovered a way to double my money. It's so easy peasy, I can't lose. Which I'm pretty excited about because I keep looking at my 401K and think it's never going to be enough to keep me in the lifestyle I would like to be accustomed to.

Here's how it works.

I start with a pocket full of singles. Then, I make bets with Crime Dog, dollar against dollar. Sometimes, he picks the bet, sometimes I do.

For example, if were bowling, CD would bet that Goat would pick up his spare. I would take the action. There is always an option to decline for bets like Dave Seaholm would pick up his spare. He's a bowling machine, that would be foolish money.

After a short while, I would have two pockets full of singles. So many that I miss making some bets because I can't sort out a dollar fast enough.

There's only one, slight flaw to my plan. CD needs to be good for his IOUs.

Oh, and maybe one more flaw. CD needs to have saved enough to keep me in the style to whic…

Girl In A Country Song

I realize I'm on an anti-Brocountry crusade. Obsession, even.

This song does a great job of explaining why I'm unhappy. Nails it, in fact. This new genre seems to treat women like cars and tractors - just there to look good and be fast.

Oh, and don't even get me started on rap in country. Ugh. (Holding back 1,000 word essay on why it vexes me.)

I clearly need to chill as my blood pressure is high enough on its own. And, it would be better for said blood pressure to focus on some of the wonderful relationship songs that some male artists are putting out. The problem is that I hear one "good" song followed by three that aggravate me.

Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath, life is good, move on, chillaxe.

Billy, I've Got To Go To Town

I had 60s on 6 going during my drive home from work tonight and this song came on. I recognized the tune within just a few chords but then a woman started singing. Wait, what, this isn't Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town?

Apparently, this was an "answer" song to Ruby. In the woman's version, she's not the low down cheating ho that he thinks she is.

I've heard Ruby a bajillion times but I never knew about this song. Guess I can file it under "useless trivia" but it was intriguing enough to get me to go look it up.

Jurassic Memories

I just purchased tickets for Steven and me to see Jurassic World on Saturday at the Cine Capri. That's our local theater with the super big screen and sound system and where we like to see all of our premiers. It's fantastic.

It made me think back to when we saw Jurassic Park. Holy cow, that was in 1993 and Steven was only, well, he was younger. Nearly a baby. OK, a little older than a baby but I'm trying not to do the math.

For some reason, my Dad and Mom wanted to see the movie, too. I really can't imagine why because my Dad is not a movie goer at all. I think it was probably because it was a family outing and he's all about those.

Steven and I ditched them in the theater, though. My parents sat towards the back and we got up close and in the middle to be overwhelmed by the action.

What action it was! The movie had everything a fanboy/girl could want. Truly scary and realistic looking monsters. Corporate greed ("The Man") run amok. Socially awkward hero…