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Flavor and Texture Fail

There are some flavors that are meant to be experienced in only one texture. Anything else is just plain wrong.

I give you as a classic example, the popcorn Jelly Belly. They are absolutely the ick. Popcorn is supposed to be crunchy. Does anyone like soggy popcorn? No! Why would anyone then eat soft, moist and chewy popcorn flavored jelly beans?

What inspired this rant? Well, it was actually that they're selling Chewy Sweet Tarts at work. Sweet Tarts shouldn't be chewy. Again, a flavor and texture fail.

We also sell Jelly Belly combo packs but I refuse to buy the one that has popcorn in it because I don't want to vomit at my desk. That would be gross.

On The Same Wavelength

Sugar Daddy and I went out to dinner with our crazy friend Cheryl tonight. She's completely nuts and has been for as long as I've known her.

After her usual quirkiness to start the evening she said, "I have a question that I've asked a bunch of people but they don't get it." We said, "Go ahead"

"Why did Venkman have Thorazine with him on the date?"

I was with her without even thinking about it. "Well, he was a Psychiatrist." Her response was the he was a Paranormal Psychologist and therefore shouldn't have access to prescription drugs. Good point. I then, not seriously, posited that he was going to roofy Dana.

Sugar Daddy was lost. We had to explain to him that it was a Ghostbusters reference. Once he got that, he asked Cheryl, "Did you google it?"

Of course, she didn't because she's not a techie like we are. He started typing in "why did Venkman (we had to spell it for him) have thorazine" and the…

Some Things Never Change

My friend Mark Mulligan put together a fundraiser last night for the Yarnell Firefighters Fund. Most of us in Arizona felt the pain and horror of 19 men losing their lives but Mark more so because he used to live in Yarnell back in the day.

The event was at Aunt Chilada's and eventually around 200 people cruised through. Donations were accepted for Mark's performance and there was a silent auction and a raffle. All of Mark's tips for the night went into the kitty as well.

To try to raise the take, Mark issued a challenge. If someone could give him a song he couldn't play, he'd give them one of his CDs. If he could play it, they had to throw some more money into the bucket.

Because of this incident in 2005, I knew exactly what to challenge him with.

I walked up and said, "Aimee" and he said, "Go get your free CD."

Too funny. And, somehow there was one Mark CD I didn't own so I now have the complete set. Sweet!

A few minutes later, he called m…


I got an email from a friend yesterday saying that she might have access to a free ticket to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - The Musical at Gammage last night and wanted to know if I was interested in going.

My first thoughts were that I'd only gotten four hours of sleep the night before and already had plans for tonight and tomorrow night so the wise thing would be to pass. Oddly, the thought that I really don't care for musicals didn't even enter my mind. (Yes, let's just break out into song! It seems perfectly natural!)

Of course, I didn't pass. You can sleep when you're dead.

We met up at another friend's house and there were boas, tiaras and clown sunglasses in the car when I got in. Apparently, Doona thought we should dress up for the show so dress up, we did!

We got several comments on our attire as only a few people in the crowd were decked out. The staff at the ticket counter were wearing boas, though, so we weren't entirely alone.
What my fri…

Groupie Story

I heart Trop Rock Musicians. It's pretty well known that I stalk poor Hal B. Selzer but there are others that I think are just fantastic. And, cute. Fortunately, they're all very nice to their fans so I haven't been put on any "Keep this person out of the show no matter what" lists.


I went to Migration last month. It's a multi-club sponsored event held in Irvine, CA. They do a great job of bringing in local and imported talent. This year, they had Mike Nash of Southern Drawl Band on the bill and he was also one of our cabana mates so I got to spend some time talking to him.

It's distracting to look at him while talking to him because he is, well, stunning. Usually, I say something like "easy on the eyes" but he's beyond that. Also, pretty nice to hang out with.

On Friday, I started a quiet side conversation with Christa that went like this:
Me: I need to get a picture of me between Hal and Mike. Christa: (loudly) Hey, Mike, Kathy wants …

Pencil Thin Mustache

The Thursday before Parrot Grande, a group of was were at the Glendale Margaritaville for their summer SOS Thursday event. They bring in live music and have food and drink specials and it's a nice way to head in to the weekend.

One of our Parrot Head friends from the Lake Havasu PHC was playing. His name is Gary Peaslee and he does a really fun show. Besides singing and playing various instruments, he brings a lot of props and encourages audience participation.

I went over to say hey and introduce myself to the people I didn't know yet from Lake Havasu. "Oh, you're THE Kathy?" Why yes, yes, I am and that reaction doesn't get old. Who doesn't like to be famous if even just in a small way? While I was chatting they gave me stick on mustaches for my posse and told me when Gary was going to play the song in his set.

For those not familiar with the song...

We all proudly put on our mustaches and sang along at the correct time.

It was a lot of fun as was the re…

When In Robe...

Many years ago, The Goat decided to wear the hotel supplied robe out and about for a weekend. It started a tradition that continues to this day. He's always breaking out a robe, people have given him robes, it's just silly.

While Goat was out golfing on Parrot Grande Friday, a bunch of us were having breakfast in his room. Tammy said, "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if we all put on Goat's robe and didn't tell him?"

That's all it took.


Are You Ready For Some Football?

Football season snuck up on me this year. I watched maybe 10 minutes of preseason games and did literally no Fantasy Football League prep except to download's Fantasy Cheat Sheet and program in our scoring so it could rank players for me.

But, I made it to through two drafts and remembered to set up the Club's Yahoo Pick 'Em game so I think I'm ready to go.

Well, except that my FFL TV show, The League, moved to a new channel and I didn't get it.

Football life is not worth living without The League!

So, I happened to have gotten a flyer from Cox about prices starting at $99.99 per month for cable, internet and phone. That might not have triggered a call but needing FXX did. Of course, it was a lure. The free HBO portion of it was only if you didn't currently have HBO and it didn't include Hi-Def and DVR.

However, after all was said and done, I was set to save $5 off what I was already paying and that included moving my phone from Century Link so that…