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Holiday Memories

Every holiday with my family and our long time friends consists of a few eternal things.

Steven will yell at Shorty to get out of the kitchen. Shorty won't be able to stop himself from offering cooking advice and commentary, even when he's not in the kitchen.Despite all of us having similar beliefs, there will be some sort of political discussion that gets loud.Steven will mix up the food on my plate so that it's all touching despite the fact that it's just wrong.I'll make several Brandy and Cokes for myself until I get lazy and make Steven mix them.Stories will be told with the assumption that we all know the people and context even though they happened before some of us were born or are about places we've never been. One change for this year was that I didn't have any Brandy and Cokes.
Maybe because of the lack of booze, I also didn't have the usual reaction to the stories. They're often about people long dead that I've never met so my eyes gla…