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Personality Exercise

We had a presentation to our Senior Managers and Directors on Personality Types. We all took a test ahead of time and it rated us via the DiSC profiles. That's one where you fall into one of four quadrants with the axes of Active vs Passive and People vs Task oriented. There are other ratings similar to it and we had done one a few years back. My results were consistent between both tests.

To help illustrate the types, the presenter showed movie clips. This clip was to provide an example of a "D" (sometimes called a Driver or Dominant). They can come across as a "give me what I want and give it to me yesterday" type.

I thought it was a perfect illustration. And, I'm glad I'm not a D. BTW, J. Jonah Jameson always makes me laugh.

The "C" is also called Conscientious or Analytical. Just the facts, man.

We hadn't declared what we were but I got outed pretty quickly when she started talking about the I (Influencer, Expressive) and stated "…

In Memory of My Mom

This is what I read at my Mom's service today...

Mary Frances was born on July 10 in Baraboo Wisconsin to Don and Jean. Their legal names were John Donald and Imogene Clara but Mary’s family had a penchant for nicknames and Imogene Clara very much disliked being called Imogene Clara so nicknames it was and will be for this story.

Mary had three sisters, Donna, Betty and Alice and two brothers, Jack and Jim. But there was more to Mary’s family than just her siblings. She grew up with first cousins and second cousins and probably third and fourth cousins if it were mapped out and many aunts and uncles. Many of Mary’s favorite memories of her childhood included staying at her Uncle Louie’s farm with Aunt Madeline, her cousin Sharon and Sharon’s brothers.

Mary’s family moved several times as she was growing up and finally settled in Adams, Wisconsin. Mary left home in her early 20s for the big city and lived in Madison.

One weekend, Mary was visiting her parents when the local Sheriff h…