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Old People + New Technology = Oil + Water

Subtitle:  Don't ask the old, drunk broad who needs cataract surgery to take pictures with your new phone.

I really love the pictures my iPhone 6 takes. Definitely a step up from the 5. The only problem is that the interface is a bit problematic for a neophyte. Or, an old person. Or, someone with a flip phone.

The big white circle on the screen is what you need to press to take a picture. However, once you find that circle, you also need to press AND lift. If you don't lift your finger up, you'll get a burst of pictures.

That's why I got 53 (seriously, 53) of these:

We finally got one that looked like this:
Yeah, I asked Barb to take our picture in our matching shirts. Hilarity ensued as she took the aforementioned burst then cut off one of our members. She got her revenge, though, when Tammy took the final picture and Barb photo bombed it.

Even if you've mastered how to use the big white circle, there's the potential for confusion between the big white circle …

The Reign Of The Terrors

Two people posted this on my Facebook timeline yesterday.

Completely represents my life right now. Samwise and Starbuck are wearing me out with their at first amusing hijinks that have turned into Tourette's inducing antics.

I've pretty much accepted that I'm going to get woken up in the very wee hours of the morning so they can engage in a battle of who gets to snuggle closest to Mommy's head and therefore cut off her oxygen supply. That's actually somewhat adorable because they purr a lot when they play the game.

What I'm refusing to accept is that Starbuck is determined to get on the nightstand now. Why it's so fascinating, I don't know. Maybe it's because she's trying to get my Chapstick or knock my glasses down as a play toy. I probably reach over and toss her to the other side of the bead a half dozen times during the night. I don't get her every time because, most mornings, I wake up to find my phone on the floor.

And, for those who s…

Where I Am A Dope

Here's the deal. I received two smart keys when I bought my bitchen' car. I used one key and tossed the other into a kitchen drawer. 
A couple of years in, the key I was using started losing its mojo. I would have to stand really close to the car to lock or unlock the doors and the same with the trunk. Since I always worry about axe murderers chasing me down, I didn't want to have to spend those extra few seconds of running time fiddling with how close I needed to be to reach the safety of my car and lock myself in. So, I put the "used up" key in the kitchen drawer and started using the fresh one.
That bought me another year or so but then that key started failing. I knew I needed to replace the battery but, dang it, it just seemed like so much work. It could also have meant a trip to the dealership where they would charge me a gazillion dollars. I did nothing except I took to putting my purse (where I store the key) right up to the door so I could unlock it.