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An Overabundance of Festive

I've considered for quite a few years that I have enough holiday themed jewelry to wear a different pair of earrings every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I inherited my Mom's jewelry this year, I was 100% certain and decided to test the theory.

For every day that I wore jewelry (weekend days are out if I don't leave my house) I took a picture of what I wore then set them aside so I wouldn't repeat. If I had an accessory, I included that in the picture. Except for my reindeer headband that I wore several times as it was a) a repeat and b) too big to fit into the pictures.

Not only did I not repeat, I think I could have gone another 20 days. My Mom and I really got into jewelry.

Of course, no project goes smoothly. Nearly every photo taken involved shooing one of the #terrors out of the picture, often multiple times. They took turns interfering though Starbuck was the bigger pest overall.

For the backgrounds, I used my set of linen napkins. They're all …

Exercise Isn't Really My Jam, Can You Dig Me?

We have a small gym at our office. I often walk through on my way from the parking lot to meetings in that building. It looks nice.
We also have a big room dedicated to things like Zumba and Yoga and, well, I don't know what else because there's literally no reason for me to go there.
Although, I do actually know one other thing they do in the big room and that's hold Spin Classes. I know because my friend Michelle leads some of them and has been trying to get me to take one with her. When her direct efforts weren't paying off, she got my friend Steve to start suggesting it. 
Have to give it to them, they tried with lots of enticements. "It's fun!" "It's dark so no one can see if you need to take a rest." "It won't be bad, I swear!" "You can do it with us and your other friends; it will just be a little party." "It's in the afternoon so you can go home right afterwards so no one will see you."