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Fat Tuesday

Pics off my new camera from our Fat Tuesday party today. I have lots of fun photos but don't have the proper release forms from my co-workers to publish them.

Sugar Daddy.

Nameless to protect the innocent co-worker.

The man we call Don King and our UNIX guy.

New Toy!

I got a new toy from Amazon today. It's a Canon PowerShot SD500 digital camera and it's awesome!

I've been thinking about getting a new digital for a long time but I wanted a teeny-tiny one that I can easily keep in my pocket. In the digital camera world, teeny-tiny means really expensive so I've been holding out. After all, I get to borrow Sugar Daddy's camera for trips so the need wasn't urgent. I was also kinda hoping he'd get me one for my birthday. I am that spoiled.

SD found me a tempting deal yesterday, however. The price was right. Very right. I snapped it up and also got a 1 Gig memory card which should hold about 300 pics at the highest quality.

We had it shipped to work and it came in today in time for our Fat Tuesday festivities. The pics came out great and I couldn't be happier with the size and weight. It's going to be perfect for my upcoming trip!

Stupid Legislation Alert

I usually stay out of the political arena on my blog but this article in the paper today made my blood boil. It's available online if you want to read it all but here are is an excerpt and some summaries.

Senate Bill 1331, introduced by Sen. Thayer Verschoor, R-Gilbert, would allow students from universities and community colleges to reject assignments they find objectionable to their religious, moral or sexual beliefs without financial or academic penalty.

Apparently, a student at one of the community colleges didn't want to read The Ice Storm because he found its sexual content to be morally offensive. The student filed a grievance when the teacher wouldn't give him a different assignment and the school backed the teacher but offered to put the student in another class.

That wasn't good enough so he took it to Senator Verschoor. Oh, did I mention the class syllabus said some of the subject matter may be offensive and the students had an option of dropping the class?



Jimmie Johnson finished second this week at Fontana. He continues to be number one in the points, despite not having his crew chief for the first four races of the season.

The dude is a stud, plain and simple!

Happy Anniversary, Hazel and Albert!

Today is Shorty's parents' 78th Anniversary. My Aunt Joan has been sending us an email on this date for several years now and I appreciate that a great deal.

My Dad's parents were awesome. My Grandma Hazel could cook for 20 people without breaking a sweat, would beat one of her little grandkids at Cribbage without any guilt and was always up for a game of cards of any sort. I think I inherited my social butterfly tendencies from her.

My Grandpa Albert was more the stoic, German-Swiss type. He did play cards though, and, in his later years, hoarded prescription cough meds in the cellar for purely non-medicinal purposes. I was always "Grandpa's girl" so my Princess delusions started with him.

The Pfister house was so cool for us grandkids. They used to buy every type of cereal that our parents wouldn't. Captain Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Count Chocula, Froot Loops and Apple Jacks were always in stock. I think there was a conspiracy to keep us high on sugar because t…

New Hangout, For Sure!

And, a long story to get to it.

I have this buddy who very much reminds me of the Tim McGraw song, Real Good Man. The lyrics go, I may be a real bad boy but, baby, I'm a real good man.

My friend, whom I'll call Keith (because that's his name) gets into so much trouble. Add alcohol and he thinks he's irresistible to women. All women. No matter whether they're nicely talking to him or trying to avoid him. We go out and I find myself saying things like, "The waitress is not flirting with you."

We have a great time, though. There's no potential sexual relationship between us so it just lets us be us. He tries to flirt with other women, I try to flirt with other men. It's all good.

The thing is, he's actually a good guy. He's a super Dad to his three kids, is very nice to his exes and quite the check picker-upper. If he could only learn to stop at the 'drunk but amusing' point instead of moving into the 'drunk and (somewhat) scary' …

The Cat Came Back...

I do not have the time nor energy to adopt a cat right now. So, I wish someone would tell the stray that invaded my house. He/she tried to get in again on Sunday but I managed to shut the door in time. When I went to my mail box tonight, it was waiting for me and followed me back to my front door.

I'm not opposed to taking in a stray at some point but I'm leaving in four days for a 9 day vacation. And, I don't have anyone to stay at my place while I'm gone.

I really hope this cat isn't a stray but belongs to someone in my association so it's getting taken care of.

Steven (and cute Doctor) Update

I took Steven in for his follow up appointment this afternoon. They did a set of x-rays and everything looks great. There's some black skin that Steven's been fretting about but the cute Doctor said it still may be OK and he won't need another surgery. He did put Steven on some antibiotics as the skin is a little red around the black.

The drama was with removing the stitches. The assistant did it and she told Steven, "You can say ouch if you want to, but don't move!" The first few weren't too bad but the last couple brought tears to his eyes. I think it was all he could do to sit still while she was working on him. I told him he complained more about the stitches coming out and hurting than he did when he actually dislocated his ankle.

He can go back to work but if his foot swells up or the incision area gets puffy, he will need to take a break. His boss has been on him for details on when he can come in so he should be happy to hear it's this week. For…

Really, It's Not An Open Door Policy...

It's a beautiful day here in Phoenix so I had my front door open with the security door bolted. I like getting the fresh air in the house and it's pleasant to hear the birds chirping and whatnot.

I was sitting on my couch and balancing my checkbook when I heard several "meow"s. I figured it was the next door kitties out and about but thought they were pretty loud. The meowing went on...and on...and on and I looked over to see if maybe they were begging to get in my door.

That's when I noticed another neighborhood cat was sitting under my dining room table and was the source of the meowing. There's a gap between the security door and the stoop which I have now learned is kitty size.

I tried to reason with the kitty. "You weren't invited in so you need to leave." "Time to go, you don't live here so off with you." Reasoning didn't work. Neither did trying to herd it towards the door. It's true that you can't herd cats.

I fina…

I Just Can't Seem To Learn This Lesson

I usually eat dinner on the couch in front of the TV. I know, you're not supposed to but when it's just one person, it seems silly to eat at the table. Plus, I can get two things done at once so I look at is an efficient practice.

The problem is, I keep forgetting to not watch Bones while I'm still eating. There's always some sort of decomposing corpse on it and that doesn't sit too well with dinner. Especially, if it's a raw, err I mean, rare steak.

I actually remembered to bypass it at dinner time tonight and watched Boston Legal instead. But, then I went and had some dessert and wouldn't you know it? Right after I sat back down with a piece of cake, I queued the DVR for Bones.

I managed to tough it out - course, I could have paused the show until I was done with the cake but what would be the challenge in that?

The Babes Rule!

I went for my final toga fitting tonight. It just needed a few minor adjustments but otherwise it looks great! The O'Malley Babes even found some cool, sparkly stuff for a belt and Mary's sewing a pink, silk sash on the toga shoulder. Kathy and I will definitely be twins in our matching ensembles - though, I'm sure my toga is shorter on account of me being trampier.

I also saw Roger and Todd's nearly complete outfits. Todd's is to die for in it's Sponge Bob fabulousness.

For everyone who's telling me I should appreciate the Babes' efforts, believe me, I do!

No Open House Policy Here

I went to my parents' for dinner last night and this subject came up. It's a sore point for Shorty. He can't understand why I don't let them drop in on me at home when they're in the neighborhood or just feel like coming over.

My parents' house definitely has an open door policy. Steven, my Uncle Jim and I pretty much come over whenever we want to. Even friends from Wisconsin who are winter visitors to the Valley will just drop by. That's how it's always been. When my parents are at home, it's usually 99% certain that they're either both in front of the TV or one's in front of the TV and the other's on the computer. You never really have to worry about interrupting something.

My place has always been different and I've been trying to figure out why. I can think of several reasons (excuses): the place may be a mess, I may already have company, I may be working either at my paying gig or on club business, I could be at home just…

Painful Procrastination

I asked Steven at the end of last week how his pain med supply was. I knew the prescription wasn't refillable and I was worried about him running out. He told me he had 13 left and that he was tapering off on taking them. The original instructions said to take one or two every four hours so I did some quick math and figured, even at a lower rate of consumption, he was going to run out during the weekend.

I suggested he call the Doctor and ask for a new prescription so he didn't run out.

As he does with nearly every sensible suggestion his Mother gives him, he blew it off.

He ran out on Sunday and tried to call on Monday. Oops, apparently his Doctor's office isn't open on President's Day. He called again on Tuesday and his Doctor was in surgery all day but he did call it in at some point. Unfortunately, the pharmacy didn't call Steven so, even though it was filled on Tuesday night, he didn't get it until Wednesday.

He spent several days trying to not move at all…

Getting More Technophobic By The Day

In case you were wondering where I've been the past few days, let me tell you my sad story of battling with computers. Have I mentioned lately how much I don't like them?

I needed to get our employee of the year presentation done in time for the company breakfast yesterday. I admit I let it go until quite late to start but I was all set to spend a big chunk of time on it last week. Enter Steven and his dislocated ankle into the picture and all of my plans went to hell.

I wasn't able to really start working on it until Friday. Our Mac Tech set up an old G4 for me and I started loading the audio into iMovie. For those that don't know iMovie, it's an Apple software that lets you edit video, add sound effects, etc. I've used it for these presentations before and, by the end, I am so frustrated that I vow to never do it again. Of course, since it's free and no one else wants to do it, I end up back in front of the computer with the same frustrations.

Things were go…


Jimmie Johnson - 2006 Daytona 500 Winner!

Toga, Toga, Toga

It looks like the O'Malley Babes are getting into the toga business. Not only are they making my toga, they're now doing Roger and Todd's, too. Todd's getting his in Sponge Bob material and I have to admit I'm a tad jealous of that.

But, Kathy O and I are going to look quite fetching in our matching parrot head material. Kathy's top got cut a little low. Low enough to cause a Janet Jackson incident so they need to make a little adjustment there. The rest of us only need minor, if any, modifications. I, being the trampy one, wouldn't mind having mine hemmed up a little shorter but I'll probably end up adjusting the length with my sash. Mary and Roger are each in a different pattern but we all have one thing in common - we will be colorful.

I can't wait to see the group picture on the cruise. 400+ Parrot Heads in togas. The rest of the ship's passengers will be talking about us for years to come.

I Think This Is Wrong, But I'm Not Sure

I totally want to hit on Steven's doctor. I feel like there's some sort of ethical reason why I shouldn't it but I'll be darned if I can (want to) find one. I'm sure there's probably some reason why he can't hit on me while Steven's his patient, but he'll get better so that will become a moot point.

He doesn't wear a wedding ring. I noticed that on Sunday night when he first examined Steven. That habit (checking the finger) is so ingrained in me that I'll probably check out my mortician just out of reflexes. I'm sure if they were talking about cutting Steven's foot off or something, I might have overcome the instinct but once he had the morphine, he seemed fine so I could drop the alert level. I also checked for the ring when he made the hospital call and when we were at the office visit.

He could just not wear one. I imagine when you're washing your hands, putting on and taking off gloves, and cutting into people all days a ring c…

You Can Never Have Enough Drama In This Family

We've got Steven settled in his new walking boot and crutches. He's adjusting well to the thought of not working for a while because he's realizing just how tiring hobbling around is on him. He also learned that he shouldn't take his pain meds on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, that lesson was learned by hurling up his lunch today.

History has proven that things can't calm down with this group and Shorty's making sure of that.

Yesterday, he passed out at work. He was fortunate enough to grab something on his way down so he didn't get hurt but he was out cold. They called the paramedics who wanted to take him to the hospital but he declined. My Mom and Gare went and picked him up. (I think Gare's trying to work off the bad karma from being the one who not only talked Steven in to playing ball but also being the one he collided with.)

I didn't learn about this until I went to take Steven to his doctor's appointment late in the afternoon. I think Sh…

That's Going To Leave a Mark

I took Steven in to his follow-up appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon this afternoon. They cut off the wrappings on his foot and we got to see the incision from the repair surgery.

"Gnarly," is what Steven said.

I agree. He's go an elongated S shaped incision that wraps around his ankle bones. I'm guessing it will be an interesting scar.

The good news is that the skin looks healthy so he may avoid a skin graft. The bad news is he has to stay off his feet for the most part for the next 10 days until he goes back to the doctor's. The Doc wrote him a script for a walking boot which we'll get tomorrow and told him to periodically rotate the ankle to keep it from stiffening up and keep it elevated and in the boot the rest of the time.

Steven's really upset that he can't go back to work until he sees the Doc again. There's two reasons he's upset. One, they're quite short handed at the moment and, two, he needs the money. I give him credit that r…

If You Were My Birth Certificate, Where Would You Be?

It's interesting how people can can be so different at work than they are at home. I am sooooo organized at work and keep everything. I have folders with notes from meetings three years ago and I can retrieve memos at a moment's notice. I'm the person they go to with questions like, "Who was in that meeting last year about that thing and what was decided?"

At home, not so organized. Especially since the move.

However, I can't really blame this one on the move as I do it every time I go to Mexico or on a's the frantic search for my birth certificate. I actually have two copies that are stupidly sitting together...somewhere.

I used to keep them in my jewelry armoire. They're not there now.

I checked my filo-folder of important papers. Not there.

Went through all of my office stuff. No luck.

Looked in some other jewelry boxes and storage baskets in my bedroom. Nope.

Fortunately, the great state of Wisconsin is pretty efficient about retrieving birth…

The Baby's Home

Not at his home since he lives in a second story apartment without an elevator.

Not my home since I don't have a guest bedroom yet.

But, at my parents' home where they're very excited to have him.

The Orthopedist got caught up in surgeries and wasn't able to see Steven today. He called the Nursing Station tonight around 10, got Steven's status and told them he would release him if someone would come pick him up. The nurse told Steven and he was on the phone to me in a minute.

I thought the Doctor/Patient relationship was on the upswing but the Doc had insisted on calling me before releasing Steven and didn't want to talk to Steven at all. I told Steven he had two things going against him on this. 1, the Doc's only seen him all doped up and, frankly, he didn't display a lot of coherency and 2, his baby face (it is clearly genetic) probably makes the Doc think he's still a minor.

The Doc called me while I was in the car and I told him I was picking Steven …

Because It's Valentine's Day...

Your Candy Heart Says "My Way"
You love to be in love, as long as it means being showered with attention.
And no need for you to give anything in return - being with you is gift enough.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a first class trip to Hawaii

Your flirting style: witty and showy

What turns you off: having to "chase" someone

Why you're hot: you're more confident (and arrogant) than a rock star!What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

I got this from Pammy. I'd like to say my results were surprising but...yeah, that's kinda me.

Still an Impatient Patient, But Feeling a Lot Better

Well, Steven's not going home tonight but it's looking good for tomorrow. He's way more alert and perkier today than yesterday. He's also moving around with more ease. That could be the Percoset but yesterday he was afraid to move at all and tonight he actually got up a few times.

He's also had some work with the physical therapist on how to use crutches so he thinks he'll be OK there. And, he's off the IV and actually ate most of his dinner so his appetite is back.

Gare dropped by with some Valentine Day's candy that they made at the store today. He works at Kitchen Classics and they do cooking classes there. I had a nice, unhealthy dinner of fresh Divinity, Chocolate Covered Cherrys and Chocolate Covered Popcorn. It was all very tasty.

I had to laugh at Steven, several times. He's irritated at the surgeon but irrationally so. He was railing at everything and I kept telling him, "The doctor told you it was going to be that way yseterday.…

Impatient Patient

I stopped by the hospital to visit Steven after work. He is not a happy camper, not that I can blame him.

The Orthopedist came in while I was there to check on him. He wants to keep him in another day and there's a small chance he can get out tomorrow night. That news didn't go over well and I had to hear about it.

I had to hear about a lot of stuff...

He's unhappy that he can't go home, he's weak from not eating but he doesn't want to eat anything because it doesn't taste good, he's tired of lying in the bed but he got worn out trying out the crutches, he's ticked off at the Doctor because he may not visit him tomorrow in time to get him released, he's worried about missing work, the medication he's getting makes him drowsy, his wound was bleeding through a bit, the woman in the room next to him moaned (loudly) all night and all morning...not so much pleasant to be around, to be honest.

At least he was being nice to the staff.

I left him with so…

Pfisters and the Hospital: An Irresistable Combination?

I got a phone call last night at 10, literally as I was crawling into bed. It was Shorty telling me he was at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn with Steven and that they thought Steven’s ankle was broken.

I jumped back into my clothes and headed to the hospital. Thankfully, my drive there is only 10 minutes long now as opposed to the 40+ that it used to be. I tracked them down in one of the Emergency examining rooms and found Steven’s friend Garrison with them.

Apparently, Gare had talked Steven into playing two on two basketball (for the first time). They both went up for the ball, collided in midair and came down. Only, Steven came all the way down on to the ground, clutched his right leg and started saying “Ouch.” Gare took one look at Steven’s foot and said, “Dude, we have to get you to the emergency room.”

He also told Steven, “Don’t look at it.” Good call. Picture someone pulling the ankle out of the join then twisting the foot to the right about 60 degrees. That’s what it looked like. …

Phoenix Is Still A Small Town

I know I keep saying ad nauseum that I can't go anywhere in the Valley without running into someone I know. But, it's true and it doesn't just happen to me.

Last night, AZPHC had its annual gathering at Phoenix Greyhound Park. It was really a nice evening and we raised $400 for Adopt A Greyhound which is way cool.

As I was checking people in, one of the members that we don't see very often asked me, "Kathy, were you at the grocery store this morning?" I told her I was indeed at Safeway and she told her husband, "I knew that was Kathy. We saw you but didn't say anything." I told her that was OK as I didn't see her. She then told me that I did look at her and that's when I recalled seeing her Effing Dale JR. shirt at the store and thinking, "Ugh, not another Junior fan."

Turns out they live pretty close to me. That was only "small world" incident number one, though.

The O'Malley Babes got to the track and saw a guy in a…

Buffett Phoenix Date

Every year, the rumors about Buffett's tour schedule start. Someone hears from someone somewhere about a portion of the schedule and the news flies all over the web. It used to be a for sure thing that Phoenix was on the list but he started alternating us with Houston so now we sweat out whether we even get a show.

We had what we thought was a pretty good rumor that he was coming to Phoenix on April 25. Turned out to be wrong. He's coming on April 18. We always seem to get the Tuesday night show which means there will be many Parrot Heads stumbling into work late on a Wednesday, if they go in at all. My co-workers know it's a 10 AM start time for me the day after a show.

Can't wait!

I Really Can't Help It That I'm Spoiled... just happens naturally to me!

One of our nights on the cruise next month is a designated toga evening. I've had the following on my mental to-do list for a while now:

1. Buy toga pattern.
2. Buy appropriate parrot head material for said toga.
3. Go to my parents' and use Mom's sewing machine to make said toga.

It probably comes as no surprise to find that I don't own a sewing machine. However, I do know how to sew. Those Home Ec classes stick with you.

But, I don't have to do any of that now, thanks to my cruisemates, the O'Malley Babes.

I got an email yesterday morning that said, "Call us if you're online." So, I did and Kathy O. answered the phone. The conversation went something like this:

KO: We were wondering if you're making a toga.
KP: I kinda think I have to.
KO: I think you do, too. We bought a pattern and some material and we're working on ours now. If you want us to, we can make yours.
KP: I am totally OK with that!

Are they awesome, …

Couple of Wino Days

I went out with some girlfriends on Thursday to Sportsman's, a little wine and snackie place in Central Phoenix. I ordered a glass of Champagne to start (I love the bubblies!) and the server warned me it was on the sweet side. That's exactly the way I like it (cuz I'm so sweet, too, you know) so it was good stuff.

They were having a tasting from a vineyard in Chile called Concha Y Toro. There were three reds (all Cabs) priced at $9, $15 and $42 a bottle. The $42 stuff was awesome (of course, the pricey one should be) but we all loved the $9 one enough that we bought a bottle to split while we were there and each took home a bottle. It's called Casillero del Diablo, vintage 2004. I also picked up the $14 bottle, Marques de Casa Concha, 2003. Good stuff, Maynard.

Last night, Doona invited me out to a February group birthday night. Her birthday was actually yesterday and there were three others there who had birthdays within a week of hers. Pabla was in from Atlant…

Creativity Fuel

We have an employee run recognition program at work and I'm the committee facilitator. We pick the employee of the year and announce it in a big presentation. We've done live performances, made several movies and last year even hired an outside film company to produce it.

Every year, the pressure is the same. Make it better than last year's. And by better, it needs to be funnier.

I don't know how much more I can do. I was talking the the VP of HR this afternoon and she said "You always worry and it's always great." I told her, "The well is going to run dry someday."

But, it ain't dry tonight. We needed to do some narration work and one of the team members suggested an after hours gig with some 'liquid inspiration'. Another suggested gathering at my place since I'm so close to work and I thought that was a swell plan.

So, four of us met up at my place, went through more than a twelver (probably close to 18) and some Margaritas (which …

That Jimmie is so darn cute!

I just got done watching Las Vegas from last night with special guest star, Jimmie Johnson. I actually didn't expect much from JJ as, let's face it, he's a race car driver and not an actor. He did OK though. It was a pretty limited role but, damn, he looked adorable. Chad Knaus, Jimmie's crew chief, got to stand around and look good, too.

I can't say that I thought the show was good, though. Too much T&A and not enough clever plot. I shan't be watching it again...unless Jimmie makes another guest spot.

This Just Cracked Me Up


I Wish They Wouldn't Write This Stuff

This is flashing me back to last season where everyone was talking about how Johnson and Knaus were going to be THE team. I think it jinxed them.

Hopefully, articles like this won't have the same effect this year.

Gross Joke

I got this from my friend, Tommy.

A young cowboy walks into a seedy cafe in Gillett, Texas. He sits at the counter and notices an old cowboy with his arms folded staring blankly at a full bowl of chili. After fifteen minutes of just sitting there staring at it, the young cowboy bravely asks the old cowpoke,"If you ain't gonna eat that, mind if I do? The older cowboy slowly turns his head toward the young wrangler and in his best cowboy manner says, "Nah, go ahead."

Eagerly, the young cowboy reaches over and slides the bowl over to his place and starts spooning it in with delight. He gets nearly down to the bottom and notices a dead mouse in the chili. The sight was shocking and he immediately pukes up the chili into the bowl.

The old cowboy quietly says, "Yep, that's as far as I got, too."

Well, That Wasn't So Super

At least the game was interesting for a while. But, the Seahawks couldn't overcome the Steelers D, some bad calls and their own poor clock management. Once the Steelers offense calmed down, they were good and the Hawks were not good enough.

Now, on to what most people in the US were watching. The commercials. Yawn. I only chuckled out loud at two of them. The streaker in the Budweiser commercial and the swap out of Diet Coke as the stunt double for Diet Pepsi. But I only laughed at the latter because of Jackie Chan. Otherwise, I thought the Diet Pepsi commercials were dumb.

Halftime show. An even bigger yawn. The sound was terrible, the performance was boring and Mick Jagger looks like he's actually been dead for several years now. Honestly, they could use him, sans makeup, in a horror flick as the guy they dig up years later who comes back to life. The show actually got me to open the laptop and start surfing while it was on.

Oh well, football season is now over (no watching the…

Super Bowl Favorite

I gotta tell you - last year, I could not have cared less about the Super Bowl. Even now, I can't come up with who played, let alone won.

This year's different. I actually have a team I'm rooting for and it's the Seahawks.

Now, I have lots of Steelers fans for friends so I hope they'll forgive me but for many years, the Seahawks were my (second after the Pack, of course) favorite team. It's somewhat surprising considering that I've never been to Seattle. Heck, I don't drink coffee and I get depressed at two straight days of rain so I'm not even that much interested in visiting there.

To understand it all, we have to go way back in time. Back before the Valley was saddled with the losing legacy that is the Cardinals there was no professional football here. ASU was King and it was good. Except for the fact that the networks decided that, since we had no local NFL team, every game we got was going to be the Cowboys.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Co…

It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What a perfect day for the FBR Open.

Doona and I hit the Open around noon today. The sun was shining (it got to 80 degrees), the beer and food were free (thanks to her Corporate tickets from Fort McDowell Casino) and the only PGA golfer we saw was Phil Mickelson but we were less than 10 feet away from him.

It was just happenstance that we saw him. As we were walking over to the corporate area, they blocked off the walkway for some of the players. Someone asked who was coming through and the guy said Mickelson so we lingered to see him. He smiled at the crowd but looked a little warm.

Can't say that I blame him for that, it was unseasonably toasty out there. I even debated wearing shorts but I decided the world shouldn't be punished by my whiter than white bread, whiter than snow, whiter than Pat Boone's shoes skin so I went with jeans, tennies and a Hawaiian shirt.

Once we got to the Open, I saw that I picked the wrong outfit. I must have missed the memo that said to wear a ti…

It's A Classic

Just got done watching Caddyshack.

Man, I love that movie! I remember seeing it in the theater and all of the girls in our group wanting to cuddle up to the gopher. He was so darn cute, despite being barely more animated than one of my stuffed animals.

Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight...all comedic genuises (genui?). But no one could top Bill Murray. He stole the movie.

It certainly put me in the mood for my trip to the FBR Open tomorrow...on a corporate tent pass, no less, thanks to my pal, Doona.

So, I got that going for me. Which is nice.

I Missed My Anniversary

This is one of those obligatory blogger posts....

An Arizona Cheesehead's Thoughts turned one year old on February 1, 2006.

Seems like only yesterday that Crime Dog was encouraging me to do the blogging thing. It didn't take too much prodding. The thought of getting to blab on and on about me was quite tempting for a spotlight seeker such as I.

So, thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you've enjoyed it and that you stick around for another year.

I'm Quiz Happy Tonight, Clearly

I'm a Ferrari 360 Modena!

You've got it all. Power, passion, precision, and style. You're sensuous, exotic, and temperamental. Sure, you're expensive and high-maintenance, but you're worth it.
Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

I got this one from wait 'til next year.

I Didn't Get The Logic

Steven called me tonight to ask me for a favor. Due to a series of events, the key of which is that my Mom had both of her eyes dilated today, Shorty was at home but his truck was at work. He called Steven to drive him up to Wally World but Steven called me instead.

S: "How'd you like to do me a favor and take Shorty to Wal-Mart?"

K: "Why do I need to do that?"

S: "Because I'm almost home."

K: "And you live, what three miles from me? So it's more convenient for me to get off the couch, leave my house and jump in my car than for you to make a U-Turn?"

That just didn't make sense to me at all and I told him so. He then went with a follow up pity attempt that was something about him working 14 hours today. I didn't give in to that, either

I did, however, go pick up Shorty. Not for Steven, but for Shorty. It's the least I could do since I had their van for two days. I didn't realize that I had to give a ride to Robocop, too. H…

I Couldn't Resist This Quiz - Don't Tell Shorty About It!

You scored as Hot. You are Hot, you scream and are wild, people love doing anything sexual with you.

What is your sexual style?
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Of course, since I'm not married I wouldn't even think of having sex...

Not So Surprsing...

You scored as Journalism. You are an aspiring journalist, and you should major in journalism! Like me, you are passionate about writing and expressing yourself, and you want the world to understand your beliefs through writing.

What is your Perfect Major?
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I'm surprised Mathematics rated so highly...

Got this from Vern.

I Was Hoping for Renoir...

I wasn't surprised that El Capitan's result was Escher but Warhol? I liked the description though. "Interested edge" sounds cool But, I think it should read "Interesting".

Who Should Paint You: Andy Warhol
You've got an interested edge that would be reflected in any portrait
You don't need any fancy paint techniques to stand out from the crowd!What Artist Should Paint Your Portrait?

Speaking of Wires

I'm posting from my laptop via my new wireless router. No more stringing a cable across the living room. Yay!

Sugar Daddy, though he now denies it, had promised to set it up for me. I knew that was never going to happen so I made him go to Fry's Electronics at lunch to at least help me pick out a good router. For someone who hates computers and whom computers and their peripherals often hate back, it was quite easy to hook up.

Besides getting rid of the cable, I can now work at the table, in my room, even on my patio.

Coolness. For the moment, I love technology!

It's A Woman Thing...

So, I'm sitting at my desk this afternoon when I feel and hear a snap.

It was the underwire in my bra. Just broke right in the middle. I was on the phone with one of my "boys" so it could have been caused by some inadvertent heavy breathing, I suppose.

How annoying. See, (this is for you guys) the wires do serve a purpose: they shape. When they break, the shape changes. Fortunately, I don't think it was visually noticeable to anyone but me. Instead of feeling like "O", I felt like "()". I hope you can get the drift from that...

At least the wire didn't poke out at the top. I've had that happen to me a few times. Imagine having a dull ice pick trying to push into your flesh, very slowly. That leaves a mark.

I Live To Be An Example For Others

Not a good example, mind you.

They just called me about my car. Seems that if you don't change the oil frequently, there can be problems. Who knew? I mean, I've changed the oil a few times...I just have no idea when I did it last.

So, now I have to pay for some system flushes and, of course, an oil change. They tried to talk me into a transmission flush, too, but my bankroll doesn't extend that far at the moment.

I often think that I need a keeper...