Who Am I?

Universal questions. Where did I come from? Who were my people? Am I lost royalty because I certainly feel like I should be?

I decided to do a DNA test to answer those questions. I went with MyHeritage because I'm lazy. My Dad's brother had already built a big family tree there so it was easy to glom on to his work.

I sent off my sample and eagerly awaited my results with the highest of hopes that something exotic would pop up. There might still be some Romanovs around (I choose to believe) and maybe I am one.

I skimmed my results and saw Nigerian. What?!?! So awesome! I imagined some distant ancestor making his or her way to Great Britain and joining our family tree. Of course, it might not have been a pleasant journey for him or her, all things considered.

Before I booked a flight to Africa to research in country, I looked at the rest of my results. Greek? 11.4%? That didn't seem likely at all. However, it did make me wonder. Was there some between the sheets shenanigans…

It's The Little Things

I've slowly replaced all of my plastic hangers with flocked, cascading ones. Frankly, I was out of space in my closet so I needed to start going low to get more in there. I'm donating the plastic hangers to a charity.

Except for one.

This is a hanger I have from when my Grandma was in the nursing home and we had to ID all of her possessions. I'd actually forgotten about it and I don't remember how I got it (maybe one of my Aunts) but I will never give it away.

It's funny or wonderful or heartbreaking (insert your own emotion here) how things can bring back feelings and memories.  Whether it's a picture or a knickknack or a mixing bowl or the front steps of a house or a piece of jewelry (insert your own item here), objects carry power.

My Grandma Hazel was truly great and we talk about her often even though she's been gone for many years. One of the things we do when my Dad and his siblings disagree about something from their past (did they have chickens - I…

Netflix Original Movie Reviews - Part Two

Here's what I've watched since I posted my first set of reviews. These are all Netflix Original Movies.

The Kissing Booth
Best friends from birth, literally, have several rules one of which is that they can't date each other's family members. After a fund raising Kissing Booth, Elle hooks up with Lee's older brother Noah and tries to keep it secret. There was little I liked about this scenario. Noah had a hair trigger anger issue, got into a lot of physical fights, Elle's Dad 100% didn't approve and lots of lying. Did I mention the anger issue? I fear young women will watch this and think "See, I can fix my boyfriend" when they should run away as fast they can from a controlling anger monster. I did like that they showed safe sex being utilized.

Coin Heist
Kids at fancy prep school develop a plan to create misprinted coins to sell as collectibles after one of the kid's Dad (head of the school) embezzles all of the endowment money. When I see the…

Fantasy Football - Why Do I Do This To Myself?

I love football. I love competing against my friends. I tolerate losing when it's my fault. But, when it's out of my control, I go nuts. Which is why I shouldn't play fantasy sports. Yet, I do. In TWO leagues.

My first draft was the Sunday before last.  I had the 6th pick in a 12 team PPR league (that only means something to those that play fantasy but that's probably my only readers at this point - Sports Ball!). Here's who I drafted (in order).

Ezekiel Elliott
Keenan Allen
Jerick McKinnon*
Royce Freeman
Josh Gordon
Ronald Jones
Corey Davis
Sterling Shepard**
Matt Ryan***
Jordan Reed
Paul Richardson
Corey Clement
Justin Tucker
Tyrod Taylor
Broncos D

*Frak me. McKinnon went out for the season before it even started! ACL tear. I did a quick pickup of the guy behind him on the depth chart, Alfred Morris. Having written that, other sources say that Matt Breida is the actual guy behind him. I figure I'll see how it rolls out as the season goes on.

**This guy screws me every damn yea…

Netflix Original Movies Reviews

I've been filling some of my recent free time with catching up on some Netflix material I'd been meaning to see. Once I realized how much of it was composed of their original content, I focused in on their movies. In short, some are good and some are terrible. Below are my thoughts on what I've watched.
To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Based on a YA novel I had actually never heard of, this is the movie I've been telling everyone to watch. Lara Jean is too afraid to share her feelings with her crushes so she writes them letters. The letters get sent and she has to deal with the consequences. So. Much. To. Love. The boys aren't stupid caricatures. The young lead isn't flighty nor does dangerous things. The featured parent is loving, involved and smart (and played by the still delicious John Corbett). The romance develops as the characters actually get to know each other by (gasp) spending time talking and sharing their feelings. If you aren't a little i…

WEFest 2018

I spent the first part of August in beautiful Detroit Lakes MN (beautiful in August, pretty sure I wouldn't think the same in January) for a super big and long running country music show. It was my third WEFest and I truly love the event.

When people ask me about the lineup, I start rattling off all of the acts. Most people, unless they listen to The Highway on Sirius/XM, go glassy eyed and politely nod because there are a bunch of up and comers they've never heard of. There are also always some "classic" country acts that have been around for a long time and that the young listeners may not know.

I listen to The Highway about 90% of the time in my car so I know all the newbies. I've also been listening to country since high school which is, sadly, long enough ago to know the classic artists, too.

Here are my thoughts on the performances. Any quotes are actually paraphrased because I wasn't smart enough to write them down right away and it's been a few w…

A Glass Act

I was recently in Tacoma, WA and my friends and I played tourist by visiting The Museum of Glass.

You're greeted by pieces by Dale Chihuly on display in the walls and ceiling of a bridge from the street to the main building. Then you see an oddly compelling water fountain before you head inside. I could have watched it for quite a while but we were raring to get inside.

View of the bridge ceiling.

Fountain with polite request to not throw coins in to it.  Because's it made of glass so, duh.
It's a very cool place! Also, a literally very hot place as you can sit in on the glass blowing and watch works in progress in the appropriately named Hot Shop. You will break a sweat in no time. Those peeps are tough who are working right next to the fires. The fire is in the "Glory Hole" which makes my inner 13 year old laugh.

We could only take so much of the heat and were soon in the exhibit areas. I was drawn to a series of unsophisticated but charming pieces along the ha…