Black Thumb Challenge

I get a lot of direct marketing pieces from people trying to sell their software, hardware, network equipment, security programs, etc. It comes with the territory of working in I.T. and getting on just one mailing list.

I have to give credit to one guy for something catchy, though. He sent me two seed kits along with a request to meet and followed up with an email the day after I got the package. Too bad for him he was selling HR Management software because I have no interest/responsibility for that.

However, I will make anything into a competition if I can so I challenged one of my colleagues to a see growing contest. Neither of us are good plant people so it was an even matchup.

We agreed to start on a Monday and by the time I got to my seeds after my many meetings, hers had been growing for hours. I told her I would cry foul if her seeds sprouted ahead of mine.

You may guess that I was the winner because I posted about it and I would have ignored the loss. You would be partially co…

Nerd Basket

We had our corporate golf tournament, SmartScramble, a few Fridays ago and there's an annual competition among the departments to create gift baskets for the event's silent auction. The department with the basket garnering the highest bid wins something. Pizza party, I think. I don't know because we hadn't done anything until this year.

It takes a ringleader and this hasn't been my jam so one of my colleagues stepped up and solicited a team to donate items. Of course, we had to pick a theme for the basket, too.

How do you narrow down the entire nerd/geek world into one themed basket? Well, you send a gazillion emails back and forth, talk about it at several meetings and present arguments over cube walls until someone makes an executive decision. My colleague finally did just that. Thank the gods.

Marvel, it was!

We all hit up Amazon and selected items. After even more discussion, and mocking our colleague for suggesting DC character items, we narrowed it down to so…


Our company started a department challenge this year. The challenges are wellness based and they bought a really ugly trophy to be passed around to the winners. The idea is to add something to represent your department to the trophy if you win it.

The first month, the challenge was to send a daily #healthyselfie. I went with the easy ones of me drinking water, unpacking my organic fruits and veggies, weighing in for our "Maintain, Don't Gain" competition and one controversial entry - drinking a glass of red wine.

Red wine is healthy, people!

While the wine picture got accepted, the acceptance came with a long missive on the dangers of consuming too much alcohol. Whatevs, way to be killjoys.

Despite trying to motivate our team, we didn't get enough pictures to win in January and February was not much better. That month's challenge was "Stretch". You were supposed to stretch every day then record it on our Fitness App. I personally forgot to do it (many)…

Cat In A Square

You've probably seen this a couple of times already. People tape down a square or other enclosed shape on the floor and their cats feel compelled to go sit in it. Just a quick google image search brought back lots of pictures like these:

So, I thought, why not try this at home?

It went as well as you would expect if you know anything about my cats.

At that point, I had to retrieve all of the tape because Samwise was literally eating it.

I will never have normal pets. Sigh.

Thoughts After A San Juan Layover

I recently went to the Virgin Islands and had about two hours to kill at 6 AM at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

So, of course, I chose to eat breakfast at the Margaritaville. Jimmy needs more of my money. I had French Toast and a Rum & Diet. Don't judge, I was on vacation. The seats at the bar could not have been more uncomfortable so I decided to meander to the gate after a slight detour.

They had a temporary exhibit up about JFK's involvement with Puerto Rico and pictures from his and Jackie's visit to the island back in the early 1960s. There were some great pictures and trivia tidbits in the exhibit and it was well worth the brief time it took to scope it out. 

I then took off towards the gate, I came across a second JB property. Surprisingly, I did not stop in. I think the Landshark sign scared me.

As I headed down the long, lonely hallway to where Seaborne flew, I came across yet another JB bar although it was closed. This airport i…

Board Game Tuesday

Remember before video games there were these games that you could play anywhere, even outside and without electricity? Yeah, practically prehistoric, I know. 
I have many fond memories of long battles trying to conquer the world in Risk, becoming the Monopoly tycoon, coming out of Life with the most dough (because that determines success in actual life, no?), trying to capture the flag in Stratego and, of course, gleefully sinking Battleships.
Those were the days, indeed. Kids these days don't know what they're missing. And, they should stay off of my lawn.
A few of my colleagues still play board games with their friends and families and one of them suggested a weekly session of play at work. We call it Board Game Tuesday and everyone brings their lunch to eat while we take over a conference room and try to become the ultimate winner.
It was decided to play each game for a month so that the newbies could pick up some tricks of the trade and advance their skills. That was a go…

Blast From The Past

I inherited my Mom's jewelry armoire along with another smaller jewelry box of items. It was definitely surreal going through her things.

Some of the pieces brought back great memories from my childhood like the daisy pin she used to wear and her collection of Native American pieces that she collected after we moved to Arizona.

But nothing flashed me back more to the past than opening a small makeup bag and finding an unused but desiccated Band Aid and this:

A tiny Avon lipstick sample!

If you did not have an immediate joyous reaction to these pictures, you were not a girl growing up in the 60s and 70s. (After an extensive, nearly four minute online research attempt, it looks like this style was discontinued in the 70s.)

Man, these were the greatest things ever! Both my Mom and her Mother were Avon Ladies so I had lots of opportunities to play with the samples and pretend I was a grown up. Little did I know then that growing up was a trap.

It looks like this was never used and Mar…