Pretend Painter

Another project complete! Picasso would be proud. Or, more likely, rolling in his grave.

That last one looks done, right?

So. Not. Done.

The final step is to pore over every section and see if you missed any little dots or lines or even larger sections. Then, you have to figure out what color it should be because you've somehow painted over the number. After comparing the canvas to the box picture multiple times, you just decide to use the color that's currently on the brush in your hand.

Repeat previous paragraph ad infinitum because no matter how many times you think you've found them all, yet another spot jumps out at you as unfinished.

It's not like you're A) getting graded, B) anyone will notice and C) anyone will care so, eventually, you have to call it done.

Probably close to twenty hours of work but it kept me entertained in lockdown.

But, wait, there's more! I only bought two kits but one of my friends who also purchased opened up one of hers, saw the …

Boredom Buster

It's surreal that I've been working from home and socially distancing for over two months and haven't lost all sanity. There have been points where it could have happened.

One night, April 7th to be exact, I had too much wine (that's not just on April 7) and tried to find a new hobby activity. After scouring the Michael's website, I came across paint by number kits. They didn't actually have any available at the time so it was off to the interwebs.

I found Bling Painting and ordered two kits. Then, I emailed a bunch of girlfriends and suggested they might want to do the same. I got about a dozen takers. I see a Zoom art show in our future.

What I didn't predict was that the kits were being sent from China. Ugh. They got held up in customs and it took for what felt like forever to arrive.

But, arrive they finally did. At least, I hope everyone has theirs by now.

Here's a picture from the website of the one I started on first:

Since the canvas came folded…

Too Much TV...Or Not Enough?

I was already a prolific consumer of content from my TV before getting locked down in my house thanks to COVID-19. It's even worse now. Or, better. Depends on your point of view.

Besides my usual shows, here's what I've been watching.

I'm late to the party that is Schitt's Creek. I started watching right before the last season began and it was all I could do to force myself to go to bed each night instead of watching "just" one more. The rich people go broke theme has been done nearly to death. This was done exceptionally well. The characters not only redeemed themselves from their selfish, out of touch with reality ways but they learned they were capable humans and worthy of being loved by others. Superb casting and fun to see many Canadian actors that I'm used to seeing on SyFy shows. I've been pushing this on everyone I can. It's that good! Watch it and thank me later.

I love cooking competition shows and this was by far the fairest format.…

Quarantine Birthday Ain't All Bad

I'm usually one to let my birthday slide on by with as little pomp and circumstance as possible. It's just not a big thing to me. I think people who actively forget their age are like that. Please don't ever do the math.

But, this year I was truly sad coming up to the day. I share the same day with my friend Adam and we were all supposed to be in Vegas celebrating his 40th. Not my 40th, again, please don't do the math.

Instead, I got up at 5:30 AM on a Sunday to do a 4 mile walk through my neighborhood. So. Not. Me.

But, leave it to my family and friends whom I don't deserve to make this a fantastic day.

Starting a few days ago, I started getting cards from people I've never gotten one from before. It was only a few and I thought maybe they were taking the COVID-19 pandemic as a reason to stay more connected. 

My letter carrier rang my doorbell on Thursday because this box didn't fit into my mailbox. She told me "Happy Birthday!" and said that it m…

My New Office

I was "transferred" to a new office on March 16. It's pretty roomy, has a nice view of the great outdoors and easy access to snacks. Perhaps too easy.

Overall, it wasn't a bad transition despite having to sit at my kitchen counter to work. My VOIP phone has to connect directly to my only router and I couldn't find a 75 foot ethernet cord to go from the living room, down the hall and across my actual office in the chaos that was our last day of full freedom here in AZ. Could I order one online now? Sure, but I'm too lazy to move stuff.

While my new working digs may be nice, my new colleagues are a nightmare.

The girl is a complete narcissist. Everything is about her, all the time. It's a constant barrage for attention for most of the day. She messes with my computer and interrupts all of my calls. I'll give her one thing, she's completely comfortable with her body and proudly shows her butt on every video call.

I've lost track of how many video…

When An Extrovert Becomes A Homebody

Trust me, I have all the emotions about our current situation. I may write them out some day but I think if I do it now, I'll just send myself further down the mental spiral of doom and gloom. Ain't got time for that.

I just finished my first full week of mandatory working from home. Fortunately, my entire team is able to do so. We're super busy and we need all hands on deck. I recognize our good fortune.

But, what to do once the work day (or night) is over? I already watch too much TV. I read a lot of books. I cook and keep a fairly neat house without needing extra hours. What did I used to do (an ENTIRE week ago?) to fill in the rest of my time?

I was with my peeps!

Happy Hour, dining out for lunch and dinner and even the occasional breakfast, game lunches and game nights, watching live music, golfing, sporting events, book club and just hanging out. That's what I used to do.

I can't help but feel it will be longer than we expect before that all becomes normal ag…

MIM - A Must For All Music Lovers

Have you ever visited the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) in Phoenix? If you're at all into music and history, you should visit it posthaste if you're in the Valley area. If you're not in town, plan on visiting it the next time you're here.

It's an immersive experience. They have the world divided up by region then country and give you headsets that automatically play as you get close to an exhibit. Nearly every exhibit had audio and/or video of someone playing they type if instrument displayed if not playing the actual instrument.

So. Much.
I first went several years ago and thought it was very impressive then but they've collected countless more instruments and created many new exhibits. My Bestie from Minnesota visited last weekend and we were there close to opening time on Friday morning and spent 3 hours and 20 minutes with only washroom breaks and couldn't get through everything. It's at least a 5 hour adventure if you're like us and want to e…