Board Game Tuesday - My Final Chapter

Back in January of 2017, my friend and colleague Kyle polled our department to see who would like to participate in playing board games once a week during lunch. We started at the end of that month and the group soon settled into the "regulars" - Kyle, Lenny, Brian and me. Occasionally, one of us would be out and someone else would drop in for the week but then it would be back to our gang.

At one point during our RIF process, I was considering leaving at the end of May so Kyle suggested that I get to pick whatever games I wanted to play for that month. I ended up staying for June and we let Brian pick those since he was also leaving. I lucked out on the math since I got five weeks to pick and he only got four proving, once again, that I am the Princess.

I immediately knew which game I wanted to play first. World's Fair 1893 is my game. There's something about that allows me to dominate. (Unless Lenny is a Jerk to me.) The guys don't really dig it so were happy …

PMP, Baby!

Don't you love it when people use acronyms and expect everyone to know what they mean? Me neither. It's just easier to say PMP instead of Project Management Professional because even the long description doesn't help people figure it out what it means if they don't already know.

Basically, it's like a CPA for Project Managers. You are awarded the designation by a combination of experience, specific education and passing an arduous (200 multiple choice questions with a four hour time limit and it's super secret how many questions you need to get right but everyone seems to say try for 80%) exam. Just as you don't need a CPA to be an Accountant, you don't need a PMP to be a Project Manager but it adds a level of credibility and legitimacy that was certainly appealing to me for my upcoming employment change.

The short story is that, as of yesterday morning, I am one!

The long story follows (I always have a long story, don't I?). Also, scroll to the bot…

Change or So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Every year, our CEO picks a theme for the company and presents it at our annual staff meeting. This year's theme is "Change" and it's overwhelmingly accurate. The company sold off some of our core business and has plans to sell another division, too.

What does that mean? Well, a large chunk of our salespeople and a few operations peeps moved to the company that bought our business. Their last day with us was May 11. Because the support requirements of the overall business will be much smaller, another contingent of operations personnel left on May 25. A few people are staying a little longer for clean up before they, too, depart.

I'm in that last group.

My absolutely last day will be June 29. I would suggest "surreal" may be another theme as I've been here for over 19 years and it's so strange to think I won't be driving through the gates every day and settling in at my tchotchke filled desk. (I've already taken home two bags of stuff an…

Memories Of A Hoarder

I'm slowly cleaning out my desk at work taking an hour here and an hour there. While I know I'm a packrat, I still surprise myself with how long I keep things so this could be a very long process.

For an example of how ridiculous I am, last week I found printed emails from 1999. No lie. This week's find was one that took me on a journey to the past. Yes, turn of the century past. (Am I the only one who hears "turn of the century" and think it refers to 1900?)

While these planners did go into the garbage, it was not until after I read through them. What did I learn?

I used to go to a lot of meetings. I go to even more now.

Man, that Mark Mulligan must be one heck of a great performer because I saw him dozens and dozens of time. Not only on weekends but on lots of school nights. Probably when my poor sleeping habits started. That guy owes me.

My range of establishments I frequented used to be pretty vast: Tropicana, Lantana Grill, Parrot Bay, Callaloo, O'Brien&…

Alexa, play the Bee Gees

It took me two work charity golf tournaments to succeed but I won an Amazon Echo and a Dot on Friday. Sweet!

While I couldn't justify flat out buying them, I could justify buying raffle tickets for the chance to win them. It's all for the kids, after all.

For those that know me well, it's probably surprising that I didn't win these last year. Frankly, I should have but here's what happened. I had put all my raffle tickets into the bowl for the Echo and Dot. While there was a lull in the action between morning and afternoon golf, apparently the raffle people were bored and decided to do some "practice" draws. Draw one:  Kathy. "What a surprise. Not." Draw two:  Kathy. "Again?" I don't know how many more they may have done but when it came time for the final draw it went like this:

"The winner of the Echo and Dot is....Tina!"


I was very clear this year. "No practice shenanigans!" I also said something alon…

Washy Washy

I came back from my Mexican Vacation to find these all over our workplace. And, I mean all over. There are free standing ones and wall mounted ones and I have several within 100 paces of my desk.

I can only assume we're concerned about the Norwalk Virus because of my conditioning from my Norwegian Bliss cruise. 

When you hear this song repeated multiple times a day, it sticks with you.


I'm Still a Chef

My Weight Watchers posse and I have been sharing recipes that we've tried and love. One of them told us about a two ingredient pizza dough. With crust, sauce and cheese, a single size pizza totals 6 Points.

That's incredible!

One slice of regular veggie pizza starts at 8 points so I was all about this one.

The two ingredients are self-rising flour and non-fat Greek yogurt (my new favoritest thing).  You can find the recipe here. It's super easy and makes enough for two pies. You can store the second ball of dough for at least several days in an airtight container.

My first was Picasso inspired in shape, for sure. I used jar spaghetti sauce, low-fat mozzarella and sliced onions and peppers. The edges got a little crispy (but were still edible) and the veggies were a bit too al dente.

I sauteed the veggies with some garlic first on my next try and managed a shape that was more square than paramecium. I also managed a smaller surface of crispy bits. Who says old people can…