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A Family Affair

This post could also be titled "They Pay Us To Have These Conversations".

We have an IT team meeting every other week. The idea is to share any accomplishments and bring everyone up to date on your current projects or issues. This morning's meeting was off to a bad start with a conversation about the coffee tasting like "ass" so I should have suspected we'd get derailed.

One of our colleagues started his update with, "I'm growing out my beard and I'm calling it Mr. French."

A little background for you. This particular colleague grows facial hair like no one I've ever seen. He can have a fu manchu one day then muttonchops the next. So, it's not unusual for him to be doing something like this.

A little more background for you. We have a lot of people under 40 and some under 30 in our department. They have no idea who or what "Mr. French" is.

I said, "Oh, from A Family Affair. Brian Keith was the star." Another per…