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Competitive Much?

We just completed a food drive for St. Mary's Food Bank at work and it brought out the best in us. And, maybe a little bit of the worst in those of us who don't like to lose.

Our charity team came up with a great idea to increase participation this year. They set it up as a challenge between the North side of the street and the South side (we have a bunch of buildings as part of our campus).

One of my colleagues offered to match her team's donations up to a certain amount. She then emailed the other leaders in our building with the details. Several of us chimed in with more offers to match and several others put in some good amounts of cash as well. We raised a LOT of money.

The best part for me was that I just had to write a check - she did all the shopping. I admit it, I'm fundamentally lazy.

She then posted pictures on Facebook of her shopping results and tagged in some of us from both sides of the street.

I might have started some trash talking by posting the count…