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Family Fun Center!

I don't remember when it exactly started but, for years and years, we've used the phrase "Family Fun Center" as code for "There are kids around so stop your damn swearing!" 
I think it might have started back when we bowled in a league at The Memorial Union at ASU and there was a couple that had some wildish kids that inspired the swearing. And, using the term "Monkey dust" as a curse. I thought they were awful children at the time but now I think they were just kids trying to have fun while their parents ignored them.
As we were driving back to Sea-Tac Airport this weekend, I spotted this on the side of the road and could barely contain myself. Yes, there's a real place called Family Fun Center.
Who knew?
Actually, I may have known the phrase was based on an existing establishment but forgotten. Those years at ASU were, well, let's just say a while ago and leave it at that.