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Kitteh Antics

I've just spent a month chasing kittehs away from holiday cards, wrapping paper, gifts, bows and anything else they could find. I was not at all successful. In fact, every morning I came out to the dining room to find items spilled on to the floor. Every evening, I came home from work to find a similar mess. I confess there were days when I didn't have the energy or the heart to pick up in the interim.

I knew the wrapped gifts were doomed for destruction so I spent an evening wrapping all that I had and then put them in to a big box for security. I should have closed up the box right away but I took a few minutes to sit down and take a rest break.

Starbuck took a bow off a gift then pranced through the house quite happily with it. Always staying a few feet in front of me so I couldn't grab her, of course. I was finally able to liberate the bow and not only closed the lid on the box but put several heavy boxes on top of it to prevent further damage.

Fast forward a week and …