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Memories Of A Hoarder

I'm slowly cleaning out my desk at work taking an hour here and an hour there. While I know I'm a packrat, I still surprise myself with how long I keep things so this could be a very long process.

For an example of how ridiculous I am, last week I found printed emails from 1999. No lie. This week's find was one that took me on a journey to the past. Yes, turn of the century past. (Am I the only one who hears "turn of the century" and think it refers to 1900?)

While these planners did go into the garbage, it was not until after I read through them. What did I learn?

I used to go to a lot of meetings. I go to even more now.

Man, that Mark Mulligan must be one heck of a great performer because I saw him dozens and dozens of time. Not only on weekends but on lots of school nights. Probably when my poor sleeping habits started. That guy owes me.

My range of establishments I frequented used to be pretty vast: Tropicana, Lantana Grill, Parrot Bay, Callaloo, O'Brien&…