I'm Not Dead Yet

I'm pretty sure this is the longest I've gone without posting on my blog since I started it. It's been almost a month.

It's not that I don't have lots to write about. Work is sooooooo busy and my social life is just as full. I'm just so overwhelmed between the two that, when I do manage to have some down time at home, all I want to do is watch mindless TV and drink wine.

Seriously, my mind is mush and my energy level is non-existent. My house and my yard are a mess, I'm behind on club administrative work and all I can think about is sitting in the chair with the DVR controller in hand. Up until this weekend, I had only read one book this month and only because it was for book club.


I think about writing something and even halfway compose it but it just seems like too much work to actually type it all out. Actually, it seems like too much energy to even take my laptop out of its case when I get home.

You know it's got to be bad when I don't even get on Facebook at night.

However, our work project may actually be drawing to a close soon. It will be nice to see the 50 hour work weeks in the rear view mirror for a while. I have nothing but admiration for those folks who can consistently work that much and still be productive at home. My hat's off to them, for sure!

So, I guess the message here is that I expect to be more prolific soon. And, thanks for checking in.


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