Fall TV

I watch a LOT of TV. Probably too much so I'm careful about what I add to the list. I read all the advance reviews I can find and record only what's getting good press or that I absolutely have to watch.

Here's my two cents on what I added to the DVR this season. Considering how many new shows there were I think was judicious in my choosing.

Spoilers alert.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
There was no way I wasn't watching this show. I'm a total Marvel movie girl and Agent Phil Coulson as portrayed by Clark Gregg is the coolest of the cool. Also, JOSS WHEDON. So far, so good. It's not perfect but it shows promise and improvement. I don't like the try to put Skye and Ward in a will they/won't they do it mode. Can't she just point out he's kind of an uptight dude and leave it at that? I do like Skye and Coulson's mentor relationship. FitzSimmons are underutilized and we need more of May's backstory to come out. But, all in all, I'm really digging it.

Trophy Wife
I'm pleasantly surprised at how much this show makes me laugh. The two sons steal every scene their in. On some of the online boards, I've read people complaining about Bert but I think he's the best. An ever cheerful Asian kid speaking Yiddish? That was some funny stuff right there. Last week's episode where the daughter (who was recast after the above picture) lied to go to a party was hilarious.

Sleepy Hollow (in case you didn't get it from the image)
This show started out batshit crazy and I loved it. They've done some really clever small jokes with how Ichabod Crane is adjusting to being jumped 200+ years into the future. The monsters are suitably creepy. I was NOT pleased when they offed Clancy Jones in the first episode even if it did include a Highlander inside joke. Abbie's inconsistence in believing Crane has been annoying. One minute she buys into it all and the next she's doubting him. Get on the boat and stay there!

The Blacklist
By far the most disappointing new show. I love James Spader but not even his scenery chewing can stop me from going, "Seriously?" Like 100 times an episode. The fact that his character keeps offing people and the FBI chick doesn't turn him in is bad enough but that he continually has free reign to commit crimes and roam around while allegedly under FBI control is ludicrous.

Oh, and the wig. The wig should get a casting credit as "Most Annoying Character". Seriously, what's wrong with Lizzie just having short hair?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
This show is a bit uneven but it's getting better. Andre Braugher's deadpan delivery is hilarious and Terry Crews also delights. There's at least one laugh out loud moment in every episode.


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