A Reason Not To Decorate For The Holidays

I have a very lovely Christmas tree. The first year I had George, I didn't put up my tree because all of my ornaments are glass and I was pretty sure she would destroy them. I would have been really, really upset. Probably to the point where I'd have to discipline her and we all know I'm not capable of that.

A few years went by and I bought a little 3 foot high tree and put tiny, plastic ornaments on it. Ornaments that I caught her snagging off the tree with her teeth. Ornaments that I found in various corners of the house for months afterwards.

This year, I decided to go really simple. I got some gel clings and put them up on my bathroom mirrors.

Kind of like these but cuter
The day after I put them up, I found one of the bows on the bathroom floor. The present itself was no longer on the mirror nor anywhere to be found. The bow was covered in cat hair but, to be fair, so is everything in my house.

The day after that, I found the present on the bathroom floor. With even more cat hair on it.

But, wait, there's more. The next day I found a different bow and present both on the floor. These were at least salvageable so I stuck them back on the mirror.

Really high up on the mirror. Like out of kitteh reach. So far, so good.

Finally, this video gives a lot of  reasons to not decorate...


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