MOTM Highlight

I spent my annual week in Key West at the Parrot Convention, Meeting of The Minds at the end of October/beginning of November. A common question I get after that event is, "What was your favorite part?"

The overall answer is, "Spending time with my friends." Truly. Not only do I get to spend serious quality time with my Bestie, Jim (who lives in Minnesota so we don't get to spend much time together), I get to see literally over a hundred people that I know. Actually, it's probably more than a hundred. I also get to spend time with my favorite band, Jimmy and the Parrots. Love those guys and the gals that travel with them!

But, there's always one event during each convention that stands out as a "favorite". This time, it was Mac McAnally's solo show at the Casa Marina.

If you have the remotest chance to see Mac solo or with a small group, take it! Not only is he a supremely talented musician (seven time winner of the CMA Musician of the Year Award gives him some serious street cred), he's also the humblest and funniest guy on stage. I can't help but compare him to Lyle Lovett - they both have that dry, self deprecating humor that you can't help but love and they're great storytellers as well. I'll give Mac the edge on the latter.

I wonder if he'll play drums next time?
Mac started the show with just him and his acoustic guitar. By the time he was done, he had played keyboards, electric guitar, mandolin and harmonica. He joked, "I'm just going to use all the props they left on stage." There were quite a few as it was set up for Club Trini to play after his set.

My favorite muppet!
Not only do I think Mac is talented, I find him adorable. And, the hair, man do I love that full head of ginger hair! They auctioned off a brunch with Mac for the next day. I didn't want to win for two reasons. One, I was scheduled to be on a plane to go home. Two, I was afraid I'd make a complete fool of myself because I would be so giddy to be with him.

Mac was cool about the auction, too. "Now, I know what it feels like to be a t-shirt".

The entire set was magical and you could see that Mac was enjoying it all as much as we were.

Yeah, I think it's safe to say he was having fun.
Mac closed the set with a message for us. That we Parrot Heads should be proud of everything we do for charity and music and our participation and registration for the convention enabled all of the musicians to come down and play for us. He then thanked us.

Thank you, Mac, for a wonderful memory.

**Photos courtesy of Ron Horne who does a fantastic job of capturing the moments at MOTM.


Michael Pizzo said…
I thought "Seven time CMA Musician of The Year" was his middle name. ;-)

Jimmy Buffett is the greatest. But there are about half a dozen people on that stage with him, who, if any one of them were gone, would be almost irreplaceable.

And heading that list is Mr Mac.
Cheesehead said…
He should make it his middle name!

I agree - Buffett was smart enough to surround himself with fantastic performers.

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