Kitteh Antics

I've just spent a month chasing kittehs away from holiday cards, wrapping paper, gifts, bows and anything else they could find. I was not at all successful. In fact, every morning I came out to the dining room to find items spilled on to the floor. Every evening, I came home from work to find a similar mess. I confess there were days when I didn't have the energy or the heart to pick up in the interim.

I knew the wrapped gifts were doomed for destruction so I spent an evening wrapping all that I had and then put them in to a big box for security. I should have closed up the box right away but I took a few minutes to sit down and take a rest break.

This bow looks tasty!
Starbuck took a bow off a gift then pranced through the house quite happily with it. Always staying a few feet in front of me so I couldn't grab her, of course. I was finally able to liberate the bow and not only closed the lid on the box but put several heavy boxes on top of it to prevent further damage.

Fast forward a week and everything has been put away. Except for one Amazon box that has a laminator and sheets in it. It's been sitting on the floor by the dining room table for weeks without being molested. How naive of me to think it was safe.

Last night, Starbuck and I were playing fetch with one of her crackle balls. After one of the tosses, she didn't return right away and I heard rustling. For some reason, she had dropped the ball in to the box where it got caught under the packing material.

I fetched it out for her and we resumed our game. For a few more tosses until she dropped it back in to the box. Sigh. I decided to move the box on to the table in the hope that it would be ignored. I blame the wine for my poor decision making.

This morning, I noticed that Samwise had once again divested himself of his collar. It was lying on the hallway floor when I got up and I made a mental note to retrieve it. A few minutes later as I was reading my email in bed, I heard suspicious noises from the dining room.

This is what I saw when I investigated:

Looking for something...
You may have guessed it but, yes, he had put his collar in to the box. Or, maybe she did. Regardless, why?


He's been repeatedly sprayed with the water bottle but still won't leave the box alone. I finally turned it over (after putting his collar back on him and having him take it off again) so they can't dig in to it but they've both been on the table several times since then. And, gotten sprayed several times.

Clearly, the water thing is just not working as a deterrent. Nor is yelling obscenities. Damn, I'm out of disciplinary techniques.

I'm off now to find a place to stow away the laminator until I need it. Maybe a completely empty dining room table will be deemed too boring to be on once I'm done.

Ha! Like that's even a possibility.


Anonymous said…
I love your adventures with the kitties!
Pammy said…
Because....BOXES! Kittehs looooove 'em some boxes. And they especially love the ones that you DON'T want them in. It's a kitteh rule or something. LOL

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