Mission Accomplished!

I was the first one to get to San Pedro when we went to Belize two years ago. I sat around and waited for the next puddle jumper that was full of my friends for what felt like ages. I did look around to see if there was a bar but I just didn't look quite far enough around the corner.

Goat was on the next plane and he spotted the bar. He and I trotted over and had our first two Belikin beers on Ambergris Caye while everyone else was milling around the tiny airport.

Dang, we were thirsty, too!
I left the island one week later with some Belize currency in hand. Currency that I carried in my wallet for two years. When I was really stressed, I'd take it out and ponder running off on a plane and going to spend the money at that same bar.

My leftover money and Goat's that he sold to me.

It was a nice fantasy but then I decided that it would become a reality. We landed again in San Pedro on February 13, 2015 and I took my plane mates right over to that same bar and ordered us all a round of beverages.

Spending money and making a dream come true.
My friends were kind enough to humor me and delay our arrival at the resort to share a drink with me. I considered this point the official start of our vacation and, man, did it feel great!


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