Hello, Kitty

Two years ago, we went back to Wisconsin to celebrate my parents' 50th Anniversary. In what is now becoming a tradition, we went to The Pfister Hotel for a meal.

When I asked the server to take our picture, my cousin asked, "Whose Hello Kitty camera is that?"

Yes, there was some judgment in her tone.

I happen to really like pink.
I was immediately offended. For about 30 seconds. But, then I started embracing the idea.

I spent the next two years on a mission to find a Hello Kitty sticker to put on my camera. Preferably, one with glitter. Because, well, glitter. Every time I went to the grocery store or a dollar store, I took a quick perusal to see if they had appropriately sized stickers.

I had no success until yesterday when I was in Target. Bonus is that I only paid $1 for a whole bunch of stickers.

There was just one problem. My pink camera is no more my working camera.

Cameras don't work without a shutter button, yo!
My first day in London two weeks ago, I pulled my camera out of my bag to find that the shutter button had come off. I thought maybe I could just press down on the innards and make it work but, alas, it was not to be. I used my iPhone for all of my trip pictures and they came out "OK" but my camera did a much better job with low lighting and zooming.

Amazon Prime day was the incentive to look for a new camera. They didn't have a deal on what I wanted but I found the next level of Elph (the only cameras I've bought since the 90s) that I wanted. There was a mental debate about getting one with wifi built in but I decided to save the dough and use my iPhone for anything I wanted instantly loaded.

There was only one problem.

That's not pink.

I had to settle for blue.

But, don't those Hello Kitty stickers look great on it?!?!

PS - Here's the family picture from The Pfister. Good times, good times.


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