Bucket List - Rosetta Stone

I've always been fascinated by the story of the Rosetta Stone. Just thinking about how this slab of rock moved around over a couple of centuries until someone figured out it was the key to understanding Egyptian Hieroglyphics is amazing to me. I would have loved to have worked on a team deciphering it but I would have had to been born in the mid to late 1700s. No thanks on that.

While I was planning my London visit, seeing the Rosetta Stone was number one my list for what to do in the city. Apparently, it's number one on the list for everyone going to the British Museum as well.

I was politely waiting before the official opening time right outside the door that led in to where the Rosetta Stone was on display. I should have plastered myself to the door to ensure I was the first one in because a group of tourists with a guide moved ahead of everyone. I'll let you guess where they were from but some stereotypes are based in fact.

The doors opened and the crowd swarmed in. Flashes from phones and cameras went off and it was a bit chaotic. Most of the folks jumped in for a quick look and a picture then moved out to let others in. I did the same. The plexiglass cover protection was not my friend with its mirroring effect.

Man, I wish I could have touched it!
I went past the Stone a couple of times while I was at the Museum but it was always surrounded by a swarm. It would have been great to have planted myself in front of it to study the different markings and let my mind pretend we were back in time. Oh, well, at least I got to see it.

Panoramic of the British Museum.
The British Museum was pretty cool, overall. I rented the audio tour and wandered for several hours. They have some amazing pieces. If I were an Egyptian, Greek or Italian, I would find it hard not be a little bitter about so much of my history "owned" by a country in another continent. To the victor goes the spoils, as they say, and the British Empire was pretty vast.

Definitely worth the visit - tons (literally) of historical objects and free admission. Doesn't get much better than that.


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