Love Springs Eternal

I had the great fortune to attend a wedding this past weekend that gave me a huge warm fuzzy.

The Bride and Groom have both loved and lost, raised families and adore their grandchildren. You could say that they are seasoned veterans of life. Just seeing two people find each other is fantastic; seeing two people combine their families and friends so well is truly heartwarming.

They were both escorted down the aisle by their adult children. The Bride's ex-husband kept their youngest granddaughter occupied during the ceremony. Their grandkids played together before the ceremony and whooped it up on the dance floor together at the reception. This is what a family should be like.

(Side note - the youngest granddaughter has a future as a pop star or President of the USA. She danced on the stage with the band and refused to yield it until sheer exhaustion kicked in. That kid is going places.)

In addition to the families, there were many friends there. I got excused from table decorating (and stayed drinking with the boys, natch) but helped with the day after brunch. Other friends assembled decorations, prepped food, set up tables and chairs and basically did what they could to contribute to the event. You could tell everyone was very happy to be part of celebrating the occasion.

Weddings are always (well, almost, I've had my doubts at a few) joyous events. The love and hope for a lifetime together in partnership and love chokes me up every time. No matter the age of the participants, the feelings are the same.

Geez, I'm getting sentimental which is not my nature. (Really, I've been tested.)

Here are some pics from the wedding and the brunch.

Cool gift idea!

Different take on a sign in book.

Gorgeous table decorations
(prettier because I wasn't involved, I'm sure).

TKay is always the craftiest. Plasticware wrapped in napkins and tied to real shells.

Mason jar with Mimosa - awesomesauce!


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