Artwork Complete!

Our wall of tiles is complete! I wrote about the creative process a while back where we all had an opportunity to make the tiles. A lot of work by Kim, our resident artist (and VP), later and the wall is done.

Careful placement with spacers for the grout.
We hired some people to affix the tiles to the wall and do the grout work. They were at it for quite a while.
Supply of tiles to be affixed to the wall. 
So, yeah, we thought we had made enough tiles... Kim had to make some more as the space was bigger than what we already had for our supply. She did all the stain and kiln work and most of the final design determinations.
Kim overseeing the placement work.
There was careful consideration to placement to make sure the pattern of colors and tile designs flowed well.
Grout work.
After a few of the rows had grout put around them we found that the grout stain was also staining the tiles. So, they had to tape off each tile before putting in the grout. And, we had to clean the already stained tiles. (By we, I mean someone else. I just observed.)
Close up of a few tiles.
I have no idea which ones I made. They're all a far cry from the gray clay that they used to be but they're all gorgeous.
Close up of a few tiles.

The final product!
It's huge! And, it's impressive. I find myself stopping and staring at it as I go in and out the front door. Between the designs and the colors, there's always something to catch the eye.

Kudos to Kim and everyone involved for their efforts. I love that our team project will be a permanent fixture of our office.


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