My New Idol

"A stranger is a friend I haven't met yet." - Will Rogers

Truer words were never spoken when it comes to me. I love talking to strangers even if I'll never see them again. Airports are great for striking up a conversation. Nothing like a captive audience who is probably bored as well!

I was waiting to board a flight to Seattle a while ago when I noticed the family in front of me. Two kids about eight or so and two parents.

There was no way I couldn't talk to the daughter. She was dressed in a pink t-shirt with a grey cat on it, matching leggings, pink Hello Kitty shoes and, the pièce de résistance, a headband with cat ears. Man, she was styling!

I broke the ice with  a "I really like your outfit." The reaction I got was the shy kid face against the parent's leg move. The Mom said, "What do you say when someone compliments you?" That got a mumble from the pants' leg.

Not deterred from the conversational attempt at all, I followed up with pictures of the #terrors on my phone with descriptions of why they're such terrible children. The son became intrigued and started to tell me about their two cats. (Two boys, not brothers, one always poops outside of the litter box and did I have any ideas how to fix that?)

Ultimately, we were all talking and I learned that they lived in Japan and had been in the Southwest for two months visiting family. I can give you more details if you wish because it was a pretty in depth conversation thanks to United who had us in line for-freaking-ever.

I commented that I would totally wear that cat ear headband and found out that she brought 7 or 8 of them on the trip so she could swap them out each day. What?!?!?! That was some serious dedication to style.

Man, I so wanted to be this little girl, it was not funny. Well, sorta funny.

But, wait, there's more! They started talking about her tail. Yes, a tail. The little girl started rummaging around in her bag while her parents told me about her cat tail that she usually wears (and one time lost on the beach, briefly) when, voila! I looked down to see she was wearing an 8 inch long, curved black and bushy tail.

It was awesome!

I didn't see her put it on so I don't know if it just clipped on to her pants or was on a belt but it jiggled around as she moved and it was so fantastic that I wanted it more than the headbands. The headbands were nothing, the apparel of imposters. The tail was the thing!

I know longer wanted to be this little girl, I wanted to worship her.

I really, really wanted to take a picture but I figured that would move my Creep factor to 11. That was probably a good call on my part.

But, seriously, you should have seen the tail!


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