That One Time When We Met Steven Tyler

One of the cool things at WE Fest were the meet and greets. Everyone I talked to said the artists were wonderful and patient. Jim tried to get us in on a couple but it appeared we were going to get shut out until he got a text from a friend "First 50 people in line get to meet Steven Tyler."

That was all we needed to know to abandon the Apple Pies shots we were slugging at a campsite bar. As we hustled over, a friend of Jim's said hi and, since it was her birthday, Jim told her to come with us, right now, for a great birthday present.

We got there in plenty of time and dutifully lined up. Anyone pulling a cell phone was threatened with getting booted from the line. Do you know how hard it is not to pull out your phone to check the time or messages when you're standing in a line? Hard.

We sent Sandy the birthday girl ahead of us. She told Steven it was her 61st birthday and he told her it couldn't be because she looked so amazing. He then sang in her ear and kissed her a bunch of times all over her face. He also fluffed her hair for her. After their picture was taken, she turned to walk away but then went back over and kissed him on the lips. She was walking on air!

I think Sandy was shell shocked.

Then, it was our turn. Jim and I have a thing where we hold our drinks out in front to make them look bigger. So, of course we had to do that somehow and chose our event badges (there were no drinks allowed).

Steven said to us, "Oh, the old fisherman trick." We told him we always do that and he said, "Next time, let's do this naked!" I replied with, "Let me know when that will be so I can start a diet ahead of time."

So, Steven Tyler wants to get naked with me. It's cool. Of course, he wants to get naked with me AND Jim which makes it a little weird.

For the record, Steven's makeup and hair were perfection. He looked great for a 68 year old. And, he couldn't have been nicer.

Also, for the record, I did not approve Jim's hat.

What a great moment to treasure!


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