Football Season - The Most Magical Time Of The Year

Except this year because my Fantasy Football teams are horrible.

The first draft was on the Sunday afternoon of our big local Parrot Head weekend. I can blame the dehydration, hangover and lack of sleep for my poor draft. Or, the fact that I did no research. I choose to blame the ongoing sickness that I would endure for the next nine days.

I'm always the victim.

Here's my Parrot Head league draft in order (I was 11th out of 12):

WR DeAndre Hopkins
RB Le'Veon Bell (Did I know he was suspended for four games? No, I did not.)
QB Drew Brees
WR Eric Decker
RB Matt Forte
WR Kelvin Benjamin
RB Giovani Bernard
TE Tyler Eifert (Did I know he was hurt? No, I did not.)
WR Sterling Shepard
RB Theo Riddick
WR Corey Coleman
D Bengals
QB Tyrod Taylor
K Adam Vinatieri
RB Darren McFadden (Whom I dropped right away to pick up TE Charles Clay.)

Fast forward to Wednesday night and my work league as I drafted with a fever and barely kept myself awake (I was 12th out of 12):

WR De'Andre Hopkins (Pretty much my season is riding on this guy.)
QB Aaron Rodgers (I just had to. He's so dreamy. And, my boyfriend.)
RB Ryan Mathews
RB Jonathan Stewart
WR Erick Decker (same as above)
RB Giovani Bernard (same as above)
WR Sterling Shepard (same as above - I tend do take the same players for both teams every year)
RB Charles Sims
RB Isaiah Crowell
WR DeVante Parker
WR Robert Woods
TE Jason Witten
RB Darren Sproles
WR Nelson Agholer
QB Alex Smith
K Dan Bailey
D Atlanta

If possible, I've gotten more depressed after typing these all out.

At least I got this great picture of my boyfriend to use as my Facebook profile.

(It's meant to be funny.)
Actually, that doesn't life much of the depression now that I think about it.

Oh, well, there's always the waiver wire.


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