Holy, Cow!

I've been in Key West before during the World Series. As I recall, we might have stopped in to a bar to check out part of a game here or there. But, I never really cared who won because my team wasn't in it.

Until this year!

We were at an event during Game 7 and I kept sneaking peeks at my phone for a score check. I felt pretty good about it all when it was 5-1 and even offered to stay for a Q&A session if my friend Jim wanted to but he was a great human and said, "I think we should go watch the game."

By the time we got to the sports bar to watch the game, it was 5-3. Yikes.

We bellied up to the bar next to my new best friend in a Cubs jersey and watched every play with great anticipation. A text from friends during the rain delay led us to the next bar.

My new best friend in the Cubs jersey said, "No offense, but I'm happy you're leaving. Things started going bad when you got here."

I couldn't blame him.

We pulled in to the next bar and the game was just going again. Despite one of my friends trying to jinx it, the Cubs won.

The Cubs won the World Series.

The Cubs won the freaking World Series!

Yep, still amazed when that thought randomly comes in to my head.

I admit it, I cried. I've been a life long fan. I told my son one of the rules he had to follow in life was to be a Cubs fan, that's how hard core I am.

But, I'm not as big of a fans as my friend Pabla. She and her family are SERIOUS fans. Let's just say she was crying a little more than I was. But, it was completely understandable.

Because, the Cubs won the freaking World Series!

Happy, happy fans!


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