Blast From The Past

I inherited my Mom's jewelry armoire along with another smaller jewelry box of items. It was definitely surreal going through her things.

Some of the pieces brought back great memories from my childhood like the daisy pin she used to wear and her collection of Native American pieces that she collected after we moved to Arizona.

But nothing flashed me back more to the past than opening a small makeup bag and finding an unused but desiccated Band Aid and this:

A tiny Avon lipstick sample!

If you did not have an immediate joyous reaction to these pictures, you were not a girl growing up in the 60s and 70s. (After an extensive, nearly four minute online research attempt, it looks like this style was discontinued in the 70s.)

Man, these were the greatest things ever! Both my Mom and her Mother were Avon Ladies so I had lots of opportunities to play with the samples and pretend I was a grown up. Little did I know then that growing up was a trap.

It looks like this was never used and Marigold is no longer an Avon color. No matter. I put it in my collection of lip colorings and will never use it. However, it will make me happy to see it and think of my Mom as I'm picking out the day's color each morning.


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