Home Improvement

I've had a paint sample card up on the cupboards that face into my dining room for, well, years. Literally. I originally put it up so I could look at the four different shades and decide which one I liked. Then, I kept it up there hoping it would inspire me to actually paint.

Clearly, it wasn't very effective as an action inducer.

However, a few Fridays ago, I was sitting at home and clearing off my DVR when I sent Steven at text message. "I'm thinking of painting the dining room tomorrow." His response the next day was something like "That was the wine talking, wasn't it?"


But, without wine I decided on Saturday that I actually had some free time on Sunday. Why I thought that since I had to work and also go to my parents' house for dinner, I don't know. But, I got up early and headed to Lowe's for paint and supplies.

While I was in the "make things nice looking" mood, I decided to replace the hardware on my cupboards and drawers. I sent Steven a picture message of the two I liked. One was $3 and the other was $5. Guess which one got picked? 23 new handles later...

Goodbye 1973! The new one on the bottom is a burnished brass.

Here's how it looked before I started.

Please ignore the clutter

Here's how it looks now.

So bright and pretty!
Why purple? Because of something my Godmother made that's hanging on the wall to the left of the cupboards.

Also bright and pretty!

She quilted this hanging for me. It's so Arizona and also my favorite color (she knew) so I wanted something to tie into it. I think it works well.

The only downfall of this project is that it's making me want to redo all of the kitchen cupboards. That requires taking down doors and hinges and, well, a lot more work. 

I guess I need to put up some sample cards and it will get done in a few years.


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