New Technology = New Thing For George To Destroy

Our theme at the Wednesday Weight Watcher's meeting was, I don't know, something about exercise and fitness. I tuned most of it out because exercise is soooooo boring.

However, I did pay attention to the discussion of tracking our activity. In theory, people are supposed to take at least 10,000 steps a day. For a desk jockey, that's a lot. You could track with a simple pedometer and they were promoting a Weight Watchers product that would not just count steps but also tell you how many points you've earned.

One of my compadres said she used a doohickie called Fitbit. She said it was tiny and accurate and you could sync your results online for free. Free! That was unlike the Weight Watchers product which required a monthly fee if you wanted to store your results online.

So, I checked it out and what sold me on the Fitbit was that it also records your sleep patterns. How? I don't know, maybe magic.

This Is Not A Chew Toy

The nice thing about having an Amazon Prime account and an Amazon warehouse in your town is you get things next day. So, I came home last night to find my Fitbit One on my doorstep. After a fairly trying attempt to install the software on my PC, I had to go with the Mac but then all was well.

I tested it out with having it latched on to the top of my pants and also to my tank shoulder strap. The former was more accurate in step counting. I'll probably leave it in my pants pocket so there's less chance of it falling by the wayside.

And, of course, I tried it out as I was sleeping last night. Not surprisingly, it said I woke up a lot. Seventeen times, in fact. However, I got a sleep efficiency score of 91%. I have no idea if any of that is good or bad so more research is needed.

George has shown a great interest in it all. In fact, as I put the Fitbit on my nightstand after I woke up this morning, she was immediately there to inspect. And, I suspect destroy. Those kitty teeth were out. A loud, "Mommy just spent $100 on that!" got her to jump down.

Clearly, it will have to be well hidden unless it's on my person or the demon will have it as a snack. Sigh.


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