Restraint Shown Somehow

A group of us were at Aunt Chilada's yesterday for the CD release party for my friend, Sam Rainwater. It was an afternoon gig so, with the evening ahead of us, we decided to move the party to the Elk's Lodge.

Our friend, Chris, had never been so I gave him directions. "Go right on the 51, left on Thunderbird, right on 32nd Street then it will be on your left."

He said, "Can you tell me that in North, South, East and West?"

I paused while I thought about a reply because 1) I'd just given him perfectly accurate directions and 2) I don't really think in cardinal directions. I just don't.

He said, "Oh, that's right, you can't because you're a woman."

I instantly rattled off, "Go North on the 51, West on Thunderbird, North on 32nd and you'll see it on the West side of the road and frack off!" Only, I didn't say frack and accompanied it all with an angry pointed finger. Beware the pointed finger!

When we got there, I made some comment on how he got there with two sets of directions. He replied, "That and my GPS."

And, that's when I DIDN'T punch him in the head.


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