School Golf Sign Challenge

We "sell" golf signs every year at Parrot Grande. The signs are displayed on the course during our tournament then on the stage on Saturday night. People can put whatever they want on a sign - birthday wishes, embarrassing pictures of someone, business promotions, etc.

Signs were a little light this year when Tkay had a great idea - a challenge of which College or University could get the most signs. I upped the ante a bit when I said I would use the winning sign as my Facebook profile picture for a week. Considering my feelings for the University of Arizona (or that school as I call it), it was kind of a big deal to me.

I sent out the following challenge:

The Challenge Is On - Be True To Your School!

Our Parrot Grande Golf God, Russ, has thrown down the gauntlet. Who can show the most pride for their school via a custom Golf Sign for the weekend? 

Russ is doing an Aggie sign. Is that actually even a thing besides a nickname for Agatha?  Tammy is countering with an Ohio State sign. At least a Buckeye isn't a made up object. Though, it's hardly as awesome as a Sun Devil. Just sayin'. I don't even know what Canadian team mascots are like - a super friendly employee from Tim Horton's covered in Maple leaves and drinking an highly taxed Molson?

We have lots of other schools and regions represented in our group. There's at least one person from Michigan who, frankly, needs to do a sign just so we can remember which school is which. Is it Michigan Spartans? We also have someone whose school color is orange. Orange is the color of a child's drink. It's not exactly majestic like Maroon and Gold are. Those are grand school colors! Oh, and you Nebraska people - calling it Scarlet is just trying to make red sound fancy. Fancy does not equal Nebraska.

Signs are $25 each and are considered proceeds towards our charity. Email your art work and sign design to ...

All signs will be displayed on the golf course on Saturday morning then inside the ballroom on Saturday night.

To make it a little more interesting, we'll have an independent judge pick the best sign and I will make it my Facebook profile picture for a week. (That just made the U of A peeps salivate. For you U of A peeps, salivate in this usage means to display great relish at the sight or prospect of something.)

Don't let me down fellow Devils!

Two people volunteered to judge the contest and I gave them no guidelines at all except to pick a sign based on their personal criteria. 

Man, was I happy when I saw their choice!

Great job, Rocky Soderman!
They chose it because it not only represented the school, it represented Parrot Heads and the event as well. 

I shall proudly use this as my Facebook profile - maybe even for more than a week!


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