Board Game Tuesday

Remember before video games there were these games that you could play anywhere, even outside and without electricity? Yeah, practically prehistoric, I know. 

I have many fond memories of long battles trying to conquer the world in Risk, becoming the Monopoly tycoon, coming out of Life with the most dough (because that determines success in actual life, no?), trying to capture the flag in Stratego and, of course, gleefully sinking Battleships.

Those were the days, indeed. Kids these days don't know what they're missing. And, they should stay off of my lawn.

A few of my colleagues still play board games with their friends and families and one of them suggested a weekly session of play at work. We call it Board Game Tuesday and everyone brings their lunch to eat while we take over a conference room and try to become the ultimate winner.

It was decided to play each game for a month so that the newbies could pick up some tricks of the trade and advance their skills. That was a good call because I am nearly hopeless the first time around.

The group has settled into four people. The originator brings the games, another one is still an avid board gamer and the third is someone who's just good at everything (plays in a band, good athlete, smart, super nice human being). Then there's me. One would think I'd make my goal to beat everyone but no, I just want to beat the super nice human being. I realize that indicates some serious character flaw but I also think I've decided he's the only one I have a chance at beating since the others are active players. (For the record, they're all nice human beings.)

Splendor was all about getting gems. I was down with that.

We played several different game packs of Dominion. 
For the record, I hate Curses.

I think I've only managed to beat the super nice human once and that's when I tied for a win in Dominion. I'm sure that's some sort of karmic payback.


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