Cat In A Square

You've probably seen this a couple of times already. People tape down a square or other enclosed shape on the floor and their cats feel compelled to go sit in it. Just a quick google image search brought back lots of pictures like these:

How adorable! 
Actually napping!

So, I thought, why not try this at home?

It went as well as you would expect if you know anything about my cats.

Samwise:  what is this on the floor?
Me - get in the box!

Me:  both of you get in the box! 
Starbuck: time to eat the box!
Me: that's now what you're supposed to do.

Samwise: box destruction in progress! 
Samwise:  my work here is almost done! Thanks for the box snack toy!

At that point, I had to retrieve all of the tape because Samwise was literally eating it.

I will never have normal pets. Sigh.


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