Water Magnet

I went to Disneyland on Saturday with my friend Cheryl. Our friendship goes back to high school and we've been to many theme parks together. She knows very well that I hate the water rides because I always get soaked. She also knows she can get me to go on them anyway though I'll bitch the whole time.

We hit Splash Mountain early in the day. My Facebook status afterwards? "Well played, Splash Mountain. Well played."

Half soaked

My right leg got completely soaked as did my sandals. I had my camera in that pocket but it made it through unscathed. While I wasn't literally dripping wet, I did leave some damp seats in my wake on the next few rides.

Cheryl? Even though she was sitting directly behind me, she was dry.

Just as I was getting to only slightly damp, we went over to California Adventure and just had to go on Grizzly River Run. That's the one where eight people sit in a really big tube and go through the rapids.

I loathe that ride.

The woman sitting directly across from me said she hoped she would get wet. I told her she should sit next to me because I was going to get all of the water. Unfortunately, I was right as I got drenched.

Not a happy camper
(notice even the shirt is soaked)

This time, I was dripping. There was so much water that my pockets were soaked through. It was a good thing that I had the foresight to put my phone in my back or it could have been like the pool incident all over again. A bunch of water splashed in to the bottom of the tube so everyone's shoes got wet, too.

Oh, the lady that wanted to get wet? Dry. Of course.

But, wait, there's more.

We took a little break to watch one of the parades. As I was standing there sipping on a beer, the character contraptions came by.

And squirted godsdamm water on me!

Fortunately, I was quick enough to cover my beer before it got contaminated.

Wet shoes

Cheryl did get some karmic payback, though. The river ride dumped enough water on her shoes to soak through her socks to her feet. She also had a wet shirt and partially wet butt.  I didn't feel sorry for her at all.

We literally didn't get dry again until right before we were leaving for the night at 10:30. What a treat it was to spend half the day with wet clothes down to the underwear level.



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