What Are The Odds?

It seems fitting that I restart the blog with a small world story since I love those so much.

We got an email on Wednesday from Ladd, the President of the Dubuque, IA Parrot Head Club. He was in town for business and wanted to know if there was a chance to meet up with some local club members. I was happy to tell him that we were going to be at our Margaritaville on Thursday for their summer entertainment night and that we'd love for him to join us.

He noticed that I have my blog referenced in my email signature and mentioned that he was from Madison. That's not the small world part of the story as lots of people are from Wisconsin.

As we were chatting last night, I told him about the family visit that I had just made with my parents back to the homeland. He asked where my parents were from and I said my Mom was from Baraboo and my Dad was from Wisconsin Dells. He told me his Dad was from Lake Delton which is 3 miles away from the Dells.

He whipped out his phone and sent a text to his Mom to ask if his Dad remembered my Dad. (His Dad doesn't text.) The reply was "Yes if he's from Big Springs." Bingo!

I then sent a text to Shorty asking him if he remembered Ladd's Dad. I then sent a text to Steven to tell him to tell Shorty to check his text messages. Yes, my Dad has finally moved in to the world of a smart phone.

Shorty remembered him as well and they exchanged virtual hellos.

I told my friends about the small worldness of it then I could hear them chattering in the background. I knew it was about me. They were joking that maybe we didn't know it but somehow Ladd and I were related. When I told him that, he yelled out "Sister" and opened his arms for a hug. Funny.

But, wait, there's more!

As we we continued to talk, I said it was my parents' 50th Anniversary next year. Ladd said it was his parents', too, and talked about their celebration plans. He dropped the date, July 27th.

Which is my parents' anniversary!

So, I want some social scientist to calculate the odds of two parrot heads, both club presidents, who live in different states but were born in the same state and each had parents that knew each other and that their parents both got married on the same day and the same year.

I think it should be millions to one like winning the lottery.


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