What Did The Rabbit Ever Do To You?

We were in our department meeting today and our boss started telling a story about how his Uncle took his brother and him rabbit hunting when they were kids. The boys used rifles to shoot the rabbits and that was hard and the Uncle used a shotgun and, while it was easier to kill the bunny, it was a lot of cleaning before you could eat them.

He was using it as some sort of analogy on our big project and the few items we have left to complete. Apparently, he wants to use a rifle to finish the job and avoid the shotgun. I think it's just good that I don't own any firearms considering how the past few months have gone. 

I don't know what all he was going for because I couldn't get past the thought of shooting rabbits and I said so. "That's a terrible analogy. I don't want to think about killing little innocent bunnies. I keep picturing Thumper and it's just wrong."

It didn't take long for my brain to do a few mental table joins and this was then stuck in my head the rest of the day:

I sent the video out to the team and it was funny to hear the laughter from each cube as they opened it up over time.

BTW, no animals were harmed either at work or in the writing of this post.


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