Me So Sad Because Me So Old

I was out buying holiday cards from Tar-jay when they sucked me in for another purchase. Displayed all over an endcap were sets of eyeshadows, blushes and lip colors. I'm a complete sucker for those things. I can't resist the pallet of colors even though I probably wear shades of brown 6 out of 7 days.

So pretty!

All those beautiful colors at the low, low price of $10! There's no way I could resist even though I have 3 other sets of shades already at home. No, I have no willpower. And, to be fair, I don't have a lot of these same colors, especially the pinks.

Seriously, how fun will it be to play with all those colors? The thought of all the hooker eye combos I can make fills me with joy. Bonus is that I'll have plenty of browns for my boring days.

I thought it would be fun to post a picture of my first day's eyes. I used a glittery blue and two shades of purple. After spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out exactly where to look, I shot a pic with my iPhone.

And, immediately was appalled and deleted it. Those could not have been my eyes. I took another picture and damn if it did not turn out just the same.

What. The. Hell.

When did I turn into the old lady with crepe paper eyelids? Seriously, only old women have lids that wrinkled. Old, THIN women. Young chubsters should have smooth lids. And, I'm a young chubster, right? 

I blame the 20 pounds I've lost since starting Weight Watchers. I'm sure my eyelids were as unwrinkled as the proverbial baby's bottom before then.

The only thing stopping me from walking in front of a bus is that one of my co-workers today was not only amazed at Steven's age but actually thought I was only 35. 

And, she said I didn't have any wrinkles. I think it's time for her to get her eyes checked but, hey, I'll take it. 


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