Slight Change In Plans

So, I went to visit the new babies on Sunday. Steven went with me and we thought they were totes adorbs, all of them.

Which is good because one of the "girls" that I was going to take turned out to be more of a late bloomer in the naughty bits area. So, Starbuck is the only girl in the bunch.

Rhonda and Chuck were great about telling me that I needn't feel obligated to take one of the boys because they knew I really wanted just girls. But, I also really want two babies so they can entertain each other when I'm gone (which is always, seems like) so I decided to take one of the boys, too.

The hard part was trying to figure out which one to get. One of them is gray and fluffy and the other two are solid black and one of those has the potential to be a longhaired cat. Starbuck is almost all black except for some random white hairs on her legs so I foresaw a challenge telling her apart from the black boys and Steven really like the gray one so, decision made. It helped that Starbuck and the gray kitty seemed to play more with each other than with the other two.

Gaggle of kittehs.
Pretty much look identical to me.
Samwise getting the upper paw.

I'm still quite excited about having feline companionship again. I'm just sad that I'm actually naming a boy kitty a boy's name. Though, judging from how many people have no idea who Samwise Gamgee is, they'll still consider me a weirdo.

That works for me.


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