The End Of The Fugly Shirt!

I've posted before how about how much I don't like my friend Jeff's shirt. It is the ultimate ugh and I see it often. He wears it to every Buffett show and event. I've asked his wife to "lose" it, hell, I offered to pay her to do so, but she said she couldn't because he loves it so much.

At our regional Parrot Head event, they held an Ugly Hawaiian Shirt contest. Jeff was a shoo-in, in my opinion. He also very much wanted to win so he told me if I made it happen, he would give a Viking funeral to the atrocity.

Well, never give that challenge to the social butterfly who knows everyone! I soon sussed out who the judges were and cajoled, pled and probably threatened them for their votes. Alcohol may have been involved.

The Finalists
And, we have a winner!
Yep, it all worked out. Jeff won the contest but I won the war against the ugly shirt. By the time we got to the end of the evening, he was backtracking from the Viking funeral and suggesting he might frame it. Regardless, it is being officially retired.

Assuming he remembers any of this. Did I mention alcohol may have been involved?


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