One of my colleagues turned me on to the idea of 100 Happy Days. I jumped on it because I felt my 21 days of gratitude exercise a few years ago really had a positive impact on my outlook on life.

The concept is to post a picture every day that makes you happy. You don't have to explain it, just post it on your medium of choice. I chose to do them all on Facebook because it was fast and easy. A few of my other friends joined in, too. It was fun to see what was making them happy.

My last day was yesterday and this is my favorite picture of all.

Joan, Charles, Bill and Mary - Pfister kids
My Dad is turning 80 next week and three of his siblings flew out for the party. They got in yesterday and weren't expecting me to come over but I surprised them by leaving work early to go hang out. I'm lucky to have a family that I truly enjoy being with.

I reviewed all of my pictures today and saw that I missed posting more days than I thought I had. Not a big surprise, those were days from my last Germany trip when we were working 10, 12, 14+ hour days.

Here are some of my other favorites and why.

First posted picture - I love reading and discussing books with my friends.
We've had so much fun with our Dark Shadows marathons - looking forward to the next one.
Celebrating my birthday with the fam and honorary fam, The O'Malley Babes.
Continuing the birthday celebration with a wine tasting with Sonja and Steven and more Parrot Heads.
Touching the Berlin Wall.
Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg - I've been there twice and would go again.
With my snuggle bunny, Thom, at the DBacks.
I love that Steven and I go see all of these movies together.
Ladies of the Round Table (Directors and Senior Manager group).
I've really enjoyed getting to know these women better over the past year.
Quite representative of our Germany trips.
This was taken because the next day was Saturday and I got to sleep in.
That was worth celebrating.
My standard beer in our hotel bar in Hamburg. The staff went out of their way to offer me these at all times.
Doing fused glass crafts with my Chick Poker group.
20 years or so of friendships.
Home after one of my longer Germany trips.
There's really no place like it!
The first day with the new babies.
Our daily view from my trip to Seattle.
Tracy and Scott's surprise visit to Arizona. Miss them so much!
Another DBacks game, this time with Scooter.
I always post a selfie of us and call him My Sweet. This last time, people really thought we were dating.

Overall, I thought this was a good exercise but I'm glad it's over. It had become more of a chore than a pleasure to find something, especially on days when I was down. It will be interesting to see how everyone else felt about it.


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