The New Kittehs Are Here - Finally!

Exploring the new digs.

Yesterday was the day that I brought home my new babies. It was a long time coming but it was worth it. Steven and I drove down to Tucson to pick up Starbuck and Samwise Gamgee from Rhonda and Chuck in Tucson. I had to retype that sentence twice because I had some help:

Starbuck is quite the typist.
Poor Chuck had to drag them out from under the couch where they were napping and, at first, they seemed OK with going into the carrier. That OK feeling lasted until 30 seconds after we were in the car and the crying began.

They mostly settled down once we hit the interstate and after I realized that they were shifting in the carrier to get away from the sun. There was one close call with an escape attempt along the way. Samwise managed to push the zipper back and got his head out. As I was pushing him back in, Starbuck popped her head out on the other side. Kitten containment was preserved, though.

When we got home, I let them out one at a time and put them in the litter box with a little push on their butts. They got it and have been using it since. They also found their food and water. And, the underside of my bed where they ended up hanging out for most of the night.

Until 2:30 AM, that is.

I woke up to two purr balls making the big leap on to the bed. There was a little scrambling involved on Starbuck's part as she is the smaller of the two. They then proceeded to play King of New Mommy Mountain and How Many Times Can We Knock The iPhone Off The Nightstand. I loved every bit of it. Well, except for maybe the phone part.

We played for a while before they settled down, both draped on my right arm and purring into my ear. When I finally decided I needed to get some more sleep, I moved them off and they willingly jumped down. Briefly. They were soon back, this time with a crackle ball toy, but I played dead until I fell back asleep.

When I woke up again at 5:30, they were curled up against my back and resting peacefully. The peace ended as soon as they knew I was awake. Shades of George with that one.
The flash is too bright!

Pouncing on each other in bed.
It's difficult to get a good picture of them because they're always on the move. Hopefully, I'll be able to capture them in a shot as they enjoy the new kitty condo that my parents bought them.

Yeah, they're spoiled already.

PS This just happened before I could publish this post:

Holy crap!


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