The Reign Of The Terrors

Two people posted this on my Facebook timeline yesterday.

Completely represents my life right now. Samwise and Starbuck are wearing me out with their at first amusing hijinks that have turned into Tourette's inducing antics.

I've pretty much accepted that I'm going to get woken up in the very wee hours of the morning so they can engage in a battle of who gets to snuggle closest to Mommy's head and therefore cut off her oxygen supply. That's actually somewhat adorable because they purr a lot when they play the game.

What I'm refusing to accept is that Starbuck is determined to get on the nightstand now. Why it's so fascinating, I don't know. Maybe it's because she's trying to get my Chapstick or knock my glasses down as a play toy. I probably reach over and toss her to the other side of the bead a half dozen times during the night. I don't get her every time because, most mornings, I wake up to find my phone on the floor.

And, for those who say I should lock them out of the bedroom, I tried. I just wanted a few more hours of sleep one morning so I forcibly ejected Starbuck from the room. I didn't see Samwise anywhere so I thought he was already. Nope. A fact I found after I had crawled back to bed and he started scratching at the bed.

He got tossed out, too, but got his revenge. He reached under the door and caught his paw on one of my shoes. He then proceeded to pull the show towards the door to bang on it.

I gave up and got out of bed.

The other recent shenanigans involves making household objects into toys. Not only the items below but also a sock and a ball point pen have been favored.

I truthfully believe the slipper weighs half as much as he does.
Mascara is not a toy.
Neither is a USB cord.
Purple eye liner pencil - not a toy.
The eye liner has become the go-to favorite. I'm trying to remember to close the bathroom door but I forgot for about 30 minutes this morning. I heard the rustle from the basket of eyeliners and other cosmetics but, by the time I got there, the purple was MIA. A quick search through the house did not turn it up.

It's my favorite which is probably why Starbuck is torturing me by "favoriting" it in turn.

It's not like they don't have any actual cat toys, either. They had plenty scattered all through the house. I collected them all up in to the toy basket with the hopes that they would think they're new discoveries.
That's a lot of damn toys.
The only thing thats keeping them unharmed is that, like all children, they're so sweet when they're sleeping. I just need them to get to the age when they sleep all the time.


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