Old People + New Technology = Oil + Water

Subtitle:  Don't ask the old, drunk broad who needs cataract surgery to take pictures with your new phone.

I really love the pictures my iPhone 6 takes. Definitely a step up from the 5. The only problem is that the interface is a bit problematic for a neophyte. Or, an old person. Or, someone with a flip phone.

The big white circle on the screen is what you need to press to take a picture. However, once you find that circle, you also need to press AND lift. If you don't lift your finger up, you'll get a burst of pictures.

That's why I got 53 (seriously, 53) of these:

The flash apparently doesn't work in burst mode.
We finally got one that looked like this:
Not bad except...
Hey, now EVERYONE is in the photo!
Yeah, I asked Barb to take our picture in our matching shirts. Hilarity ensued as she took the aforementioned burst then cut off one of our members. She got her revenge, though, when Tammy took the final picture and Barb photo bombed it.

Even if you've mastered how to use the big white circle, there's the potential for confusion between the big white circle and the three intertwined circles. If you click on the latter, you get options to apply filters to your picture.

None is good. I like None.
If you're apparently randomly pressing on the screen to get a picture taken, you can unknowingly get a picture with a filter.

Like this one:
Bottoms up!
It's actually kind of cool. Makes me think of a faded picture from the 70s. I just don't think they had Shotskis in the 70s. Or, if they did, I was too young to know about them.

Of course, I also got 44 bursts that look a lot like this:

I wish there were a camera setting that shut down every option except taking just one, simple picture. They can call it the "Technology Challenged User" setting. We kids would be using that like crazy when asking our grandparents to take pictures for us.

OK, in my case, asking my parents to take a picture for me. Or, my old, drunk, vision challenged friends.


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