Bucket List - Stonehenge

Or, as those of us in the know like to call it, the Stones.

I learned that from our tour guide and our bus driver. When in Rome and all, right, pip, pip and cheerio!

So cool!
I've been fascinated by Stonehenge for years. I used to buy into the theory that the Druids built it because, well, Druids seem really cool. But, then I learned that they predate the Druids by 2,000 years or so.

Loves me the Bernard Cornwell!
There are different theories as to how the stones were assembled and how they got to this site since they're not native to the area. It will probably remain a mystery but I like the story that Bernard Cornwell wrote and the book just happened to be in the gift shop.

Per my usual, I listened to the audio tour while I walked around the Stones. You're no longer allowed to get up close without advance permission because the ground has eroded around them so I circled from a distance and listened.

Some interesting things I learned:

  • The nearby British Army training base used to use the stones for target practice and even requested at one time to have them torn down because they were worried about them hindering plane landings.
  • The so-called Blood Stone (a flat stone not high off the ground) was rumored to be used for Druidic sacrifices (which they didn't do) but the red color of the stone is just a quality of that type of rock. The rumor did make for a good story.
  • They spent 25 million British pounds on the new visitor center. It's pretty amazing. I guess they figured out what a money maker it is.
  • The Stones are surrounded by pastures with sheep. Smelly sheep. 
It's quite a jaunt away from London to get there but I would go back again if I could. I would love to have more time to just lounge in the grass, soak up the atmosphere and ponder all that came before me to that same spot. 

Poorly done selfie to prove I was really there. 
There have been few places in the world where I've felt what I can only describe as a mystical vibe. Sedona, AZ is one of those places. So, is Stonehenge. And, so is Wrigley Field for that matter so I got that going for me.


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