Parrot Head Spirit Exemplified

When you tell someone you're a Parrot Head, you get several different responses:

1.  "Oh, what type of bird do you have?"
2.  Blank stare.
3.  "You're the group that drinks a lot to Jimmy Buffett music, right?"

Very rarely do you get the more accurate response:

4.  "I know of you, you guys do a lot of charity work while you're partying!"

I've been a Buffett fan for years. What made me join, and keeps me going, with the Parrot Head organization is the sincere and dedicated effort our members make towards making the world a better place. It's really what's at the heart of Parrot Head club members.

My friend, Sam Rainwater, truly exemplifies the Parrot Head spirit. A Rocket Scientist by day, Sam decided a few years ago to go back to his love of music. He started with the ukulele, learned songs, got on every stage he could, grilled other artists for pointers, started writing his own music and now has three albums of his own published. 

All of that is pretty amazing.

What's even more amazing is that Sam donates all the money from his gigs, CD and SWAG sales to charity! Yep, 100% of the revenue.

Well, 100% plus, to be more accurate. Sam's business partners have been matching his donations and, to date, have donated over $114,000.

Yes, $114,000 USD!

Sam presenting a check for $15,091 to my Parrot Grande Co-Chair Barb Young and me at Parrot Grande.
Sam and his lovely wife Elizabeth recently completed a road trip tour through out the flyover states. They got back in town for the Arizona Parrot Head Club's Parrot Grande weekend event last month and had a lovely surprise for us. A check from his tour for $15,091 to be divided up among three worthy charities:  Packages From Home, USO Arizona and DAV. In addition to being a Rocket Scientist and Trop Rock Musician, Sam is a Vietnam Vet so these are charities near and dear to his large heart.

Sam is one the many people I know from the Parrot Heads who give back to their communities. Not everyone can afford to do it with money so they give their time. Many give both. In 2014, all of the clubs within the Parrot Heads in Paradise organization helped to raise $3.3 million and donated 372,000 volunteer hours.

I'm proud to be associated with my friend Sam, proud to be part of this great organization that has given me the opportunity to do good deeds, have fun and make so many wonderful friends.

Yeah, we may be a bunch of drinkers but we're dedicated to the purpose of giving back to our world. I think we totally rock!


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