My Love/Hate Relationship - Fantasy Football

I just got home from my second FFL draft. Thankfully, I only do two leagues because anymore would make my head explode from keeping track of the permutations.

I felt pretty good about my club team. Not so much about my work team. For those who are interested in it all, here's whom I have.

Parrot Head League:

QB1 Andrew Luck (my first round pick - I drafted 10 out of 12 and passing TDs only score 4)
QB2 Alex Smith
RB1 Andre Ellington
RB2 Joseph Randle
RB3 Shane Vereen
RB4 Devonta Freeman
RB5 David Cobb
WR1 Emmanuel Sanders
WR2 Golden Tate
WR3 Anquan Boldin
WR4 Eric Decker
WR5 Steve Smith, Sr
TE1 Rob Gronkowski
D/ST Packers
K1 Dan Bailey

SmartBall League:

QB1 Matt Ryan
QB2 Eli Manning
RB1 Matt Forte (my first round pick - I drafted 8 out of 10)
RB2 Lamar Miller
RB3 Andre Ellington
RB4 Devonta Freeman
RB5 Shane Vereen
RB6 DeAngelo Williams
WR1 Dez Bryant
WR2 Emmanuel Sanders
WR3Amari Cooper
WR4 Brandon Marshall
WR5 Donte Moncrief
WR6 Markus Wheaton
TE1 Jordan Cameron
TE2 Charles Clay
D/ST Seahawks
K1 Matt Bryant

We draft so many players (18) in our work league that you're literally just hitting the Draft button and muttering, "What the hell", by the end.

Without actively trying, I have four of the same players on both teams. That makes it easy on game day to know whom to watch for sure.

It's so fun to draft live which we haven't done in our work league since I've been in it. The trash talking is awesome. What wasn't so awesome is that the guy next to me kept taking the picks I had in the queue. I do not believe it was a coincidence at all, Tyler!

When I got home, I had an email from where we do the work league. Perhaps I shouldn't feel so inadequate about my picks because they're projecting me to go 12-1 and win the league.

From their calculations to the football gods' ears!


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