A couple of my work buds and I frequently talk about health, fitness and weight control. We rely on one guy to tell us about all the cool stuff and he certainly justified that trust with the Spiral Slicer.

It's super easy to use. Just put the veggie in and twist. Voila! Long strips of "good for you" stuff.

One of the guys and I both tried it with zucchini. There are two sizes depending on the end you use and they make perfect "noodles". A very quick blanch and you have a fantastic low fat, low carb, low calorie replacement for pasta.

Bigger strips on the left side. This was two small zucchinis. 

We're thinking it would make cool strips for salads, stir fry and other pasta replacements like squash.

I'm sure they're available in stores but we bought ours online.


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