When Technology Rocks

Considering I work in IT, it's ironic how many times I complain about technology. Computers can be evil and software, when it doesn't work, sucks.

However, there are times when the technology gods decide to play nice and the world is a fabulous place. Last Saturday night was one of those times.

When our gang gets together, especially in Rocky Point, we tend to get into lots of debates. Many of them are settled by google or Wikipedia because some of us are too stubborn to budge without definitive proof that we're wrong. And, some of us will still argue after being show several citations disputing their claims but I won't mention any names.

From a rooftop in Mexico to the world!

While listening to the Pirate Captains' playlist on 1980s #1 songs on his iPod and enjoying the evening on Annette's roof, we got to discussing whom we thought was the "greatest singer/songwriter of all time". Some evidence got thrown out there and bull was called on it. Crash offered to get my laptop so I could call on the almighty google.

Since I then had my laptop, I decided to invite others into our debate. I posted on Facebook:

The debate of the evening. Greatest singer/songwriter ever. Mentioned were John Lennon, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Paul Simon, George Strait, Eric Clapton...discuss.

It didn't take long for others to chime in. I posted for the local Mexico crowd and the debate was off and running. Lots of denial of suggestions because they didn't write enough of their own songs or were part of a duo. And a few flat out "they suck at singing so they're out" rejections.

I finally went to bed but the discussion continued on without me. By the end of it, there were 90 comments from two countries and eight states.

I love it when technology is so cool like that!

Our list was probably skewed by the fact that the conversation was mostly between middle-aged white people.

For the record, here's everyone who was mentioned:

John Lennon
Billy Joel
Neil Diamond
Paul Simon
George Strait
Eric Clapton
Neil Young
Freddie Mercury
Phil Collins
James Taylor
Michael Jackson
Bob Dylan
Willie Nelson
Jason Aldean
Blake Shelton
Garth Brooks
Bruce Springsteen
David Crosby
Graham Nash
Carlos Santana
John Hiatt
David Bowie
Tom Petty
Jimmy Buffett
Glenn Frey
Don Henley
Jim Croce
Jason Mraz
Barry Gibb
Johnny Cash
Rodney Carrington
David Allan Coe
Paul McCartney
Carole King
Stevie Wonder
Steve Goodman
Bob Seger
Kris Kristofferson
John Fogerty
Steve Poltz
Todd Snider
Mac MacAnally
Weird Al
Lyle Lovett
Eddie Vedder
Pete Seeger
Sam Cooke
Bernie Taupin
Elton John
Leonard Cohen
Joni Mitchell
Tom Waits
JJ Cale
Bruno Mars
Warren Zevon
Bob Marley
Peggy Lee
John Lee Hooker
Burt Bacharach
Harry Chapin
Ray Cody (you may need to Google him)


Crime Dog said…
You can make a list reaching from here to San Carlos, but the correct answer will still be "Neil Young."
Cheesehead said…
LOL. I think most of us had our definitive favorites. I ended up going Willie Nelson.
Michele said…
Which one got the most votes?
Cheesehead said…
Hmm, good question. I didn't tally but Croce, Young and Nelson got multiple Ayes.
Julie said…
And yet one specific person never said Michael McCloud... I was sure he would have said they were the best.... :(

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